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Basically, the concept for this RPG is to take the evil Megazords from Tokumei Sentai Go Busters and adapt them to fit an RPG that deals with people making their own Robots to fight. Fight what, you may ask? Monsters of the week, why not? Better than smacking around The Empire or some other Gundam-inspired villain.


In the distant future of 2023, humankind has excelled in machinery. They didn’t excel alone, though no one has stated how exactly they managed to get a technological advancement, as everything was kept hush hush on the subject. What really happened, unknown to everyone save for a select few people, was that the technology was based off the sealed casings of an evil being that was sealed away by powerful and sentient robotic aliens, who sacrificed their lives to become the casings. However, when excavating the casings, they unleashed the evil being onto the world. While he was only in a weakened state, only a handful of the hundred excavators survived, and even then, only a few of those handful managed to avoid being killed by higher ups to keep the unleashing a secret.

The leap in machines had led to the invention of the first fifty-foot robot, coined by one of the core inventors of it as “The Megazord”. However, it wasn’t controlled by AI, but instead controlled like an airplane: with pilots. However, these Megazords were far from perfect, and several prototypes were made. Even when they were made to be mass produced, they were kept exclusively to the army and were thus seen as war machines, and to those who want to be snarky about it: Mobile Suits.

It wasn’t until 2036 came around that Megazords saw domestic usage. A group had formed in a city known as Neo-Tech City, calling themselves the Vaglass, a group of people that were either part of the surviving excavation team, or were the offspring of those survivors. No one knows their motives other than the stated goal of “preparing the world for the future”. Vaglass then went to look for people who would wish to pilot their own Megazords. Once selected, they were taken to the Vaglass HQ where they are presented four Megazords of their choice:

From there, by bonding the Megazord with an object of their choice, the people would receive their own custom built Megazord, with a warning from the commander that “when the time comes, you’ll know when to fight”. And thus begins our story of the Megazords and their Pilots. Which Megazord will your character chose? And will they fight or run away?

The Obvious Rules

  • No God-modding or Power-Playing. This means no Autokills/Autohits and no autododging/being apparently immortal.
  • No sexual situations. If there is need for one, it must both be consensual, with both parties being at or above the age of consent (in this case, 18), and has a Fade to Black.

The Not-So-Obvious Rules

  • Right now, I’m not accepting any Megazords that fall outside of the four Megazord types. I might consider those as MidSeason Upgrades , but not yet.

Signup Sheet

  • Name:
  • Age:
  • Gender:
  • Appearance:
  • Chosen Megazord Type: (Alpha, Beta, Gamma, or Delta)
    • Megazord Name: (Any sort of name your character gave to the Megazord)
    • Chosen Motif: (Pretty much what item your character picked for the Megazord to be bonded to)
    • Modifications: (What sort of changes, appearance wise, is there from the default Megazord template? For example, bonding a gas cylinder to a Megazord might give it some flame decals and a large Chest Blaster. If you wish, visit the Megazord Pages and get a picture of a Megazord shown in the show)
    • Weapons: (What sort of weapons does this modified Megazord have? For example, that same Chest Cannon mentioned above might be able to shoot flames.)
  • Personality:
  • Backstory: (Do include at the end how they were selected by Vaglass, as well as your character going through the Megazord creation process)


  • Rick Kage, Pilot of the Kuwagattack Megazord (Beta) - Psyga315

And here's my profile.

  • Name: Rick Kage
  • Age: 20
  • Gender: Male
  • Appearance: "I will fight for a new tomorrow!"
  • Chosen Megazord Type: Beta
    • Megazord Name: Kuwagattack Megazord
    • Chosen Motif: Stag Beetle
    • Modifications: Bam
    • Weapons: Aside from some powerful pincers on its forehead, it has two cannons. One in its eye, and the other in between the horns. It is able to fly to utilize the pincers and cannon.
  • Personality: Rick is an optimist, believing everything will be better tomorrow. Because of this, he wishes to fight to protect that tomorrow and have it happen. He has a hugh myrter complex though, and if it means protecting tomorrow, he will sacrifice himself. Despite his outlook in battle, he often stays out or even runs away from verbal fighting; arguing people, considering himself a kid when trying to tackle these problems.
  • Backstory: Rick Kage was a high-school graduate who was looking for the next best thing in life. Soon, he was taken by a van and taken to the Vaglass headquarters. There he was told that he was one of the chosen to pilot the Megazords and fight for the future. When he heard this, he was interested. He was then taken to the Megazord room and was asked to pick a Megazord. He chosen the Beta Megazord. At this time, a stag beetle flew into the room, and he couldn't take his eyes off it, and so when he was asked to pick a motif, they believed he chose the Stag Beetle, and so they merged it with the Beta Megazord, creating the Kuwagattack Megazord, as coined by Rick, though he was a little scared with the bonding process. He was then told that there will be a time to fight, and so, he waited... and wondered if he would fight.

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Anytime you think Ash has a clear chance of winning, just remember that the writers caused his water type to be defeated by a Blast Burn.
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Oh yes, count me in for this! [tup]
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Anyone else interested?
Anytime you think Ash has a clear chance of winning, just remember that the writers caused his water type to be defeated by a Blast Burn.
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Well, I am... Just trying to figure out a character, I guess.
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