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Hey, everybody. Recently I've been working on a storyline for Volume V. Its working title is The Heralds of False Light. Serocco helped me out with it. :) Here's what we came up with for it so far. As always, tips/comments/feedback are welcome.

Everyone knows about The Illuminati. They’re a secret society that seeks to either control the world from behind the scenes, or manipulate world leaders to do their bidding. In recent years, they have become more active in their goals. More insidiously, they convert lay people who thought they were just stock movie/comic book villains to their cause. And they have become more militarily active thanks to their armed forces branch, the Blades of Light. Worse, the leader of the Illuminati summons a misguided angel, Azariah, to his side that agrees with the leader’s ideas of domination. He even seeks to dethrone King Zasedis and Queen Sastiana so as to bring the Stone Cutters into the Illuminati’s fold. To combat the false light, Demetrios and company travel to Atlantis so that he may reawaken his latent Paladin powers. It gets harder when the Illumanti’s leader seeks to bolster his power with that of an old foe: High Priest Thatehos…

New/returning characters
The leader of the Illuminati: He may be a Paladin, but he is definitely not Lawful Good. Well, maybe Lawful, but he is as evil as any Blackguard. He is very charismatic and manipulative, and can rally his brethren to action with only a few words. As befitting the Illuminati, his armor is pure white.

Azariah: Despite the Angels’ reputation for being Always Lawful Good, Azariah is an exception. He has a reputation for his methods involving the things he regards as evil, ranging from harsh to nefarious, all of which he defends by saying he’s only doing God’s duty. He’s sort of the angelic equivalent of Ares; he’s not a major angel, and a rather unpopular one. He has the wings of a vulture, and modified his left hand into a hideous claw, which serves as a backup weapon. He considers King Zasedis and Queen Sastiana to be incompetent fools, and that he’d be a better leader, and seeks to bolster the Illuminati’s goals and forces with the Stone Cutters.

Dorothy: The wife of William, the Starter Villain from all the way back in Volume I. Now she's a ghost, because as the trope says, You Are What You Hate. Despite this, she has made a name for herself amongst the Illuminati as the leader of the elite forces of the Blades of Light, and is nicknamed “The Valkyrie” for it. Her armor, as well as her previously auburn hair, is gleaming white. She fights with a spear and a sword and rides a white horse with the wings of a swan.

The actress: Another ghost amongst the Illuminati. Even though warlocks are associated with darkness and thus evil, the Illuminati took advantage of her confusion upon becoming a ghost and brought her into the fold. But she may not actually be evil, as she has a familiar (the Abyssinian cat/Smilodon one) instead of a demonic minion. In life, she was a famous actress who was beloved for her roles as superheroines. It didn’t last long, though, as when she took on a supervillainess role, it went to her head and turned her into a jerk, ruining her friendly reputation and preventing anyone from wanting to work with her.

Marjele: A warrior of the Illuminati who can overcome his opponent’s attacks. On the other hand, he can dish it out, but he can’t take it.

Manziel: A recruiter for the Illuminati.

The Lacertans: The lizard people of Lemuria. They’re the cousins of the Naga. They still remember the oppression High Priest Thatehos brought, and suspect the Illuminati will do the same.

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Bumping this thread, because I came upon a little confusion with a plot thread. One of the Illuminati is one from Demetrios and Lily's past, who was resurrected to serve amongst their proselytizers. I was wondering why it could be that he was resurrected and Dorothy was not.
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