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OK boring stuff is to come, skip it if you want to just get the profile but do make note of it for later or if you have questions (By the way, If the mods feel like this should become the signup page instead then by all means feel free to move it if possible. If you want to delete it or lock it, then... -sigh- ok)

In all seriousness, we are here to discuss the future implications of a One Piece RP that will be appearing soon. This is happening on the discussion board first because we need to iron out some kinks as well as take into consideration the few R Ps which have come before us. Do they fit into continuity, do we ignore them, etc etc, can we cart story from them into ours. And so on. Do we actually hijack a past RP or begin our own? I don't know. We'll see how this goes.

To get you all started, because I know most of you have already written up profiles, here is a basic guideline. You don't have to fill it all in now, you can discuss it here. But i think I will wait about 4 days, perhaps a week if needed, before starting the signup page. We will then begin on Friday night. Changes to this are available but please keep them within reason.

I do apologise for this WALL-O-TEXT but it's been... well, there's just been a lot of R Ps and I want to make sure this one keeps on being awesome and lasting a long time. Thanks. Note, although I am GM I will not be the captain of the ship. The vote for captain will have to be made after 3 days, or something, and you cannot vote for your own character. I will also not accept votes from people not actually ending up in the RP itself. You can only vote if you have a character in the RP.


Red Baron: Title or Nickname.



Personality: Length of your choice, but be fair.

Nationality/Race: (Alabastan, made up, fishman, mermaid, human, skypeian, iunno)

Devil Fruit power: (If they don't have one, leave this blank. If they do, please do not use canon ones. If a fruit you choose ends up becoming canon (That is the sort of thing One piece is) then you will still be able to use it. I don't want 5 people with the era era fruit.)

Skills: May or may not be related to DF powers. Put rokushiki and other 'skillets' including newkama kenpo and the like here. Custom styles will need some explaining to avoid New Powers as the Plot Demands.

History: Spoiler if you want, but give a basic definition of your character's background. Why they are what they are, how they got to where they are, etc. At least a paragraph (4-5 lines) please.

Items: What do they have with them at the the start. You can have up to 6 items but there is no hammer space in this RP! Be realistic in your character;s item use please unless their Devil Fruit power involves hammer space >.>

Extra/misc: What it says. Stuff that doesn't go anywhere else.

My character will come later so this post isn't massive long. The current Big Bad is Blackbeard but he won't be making an appearance. Instead we will meet a variety of Captain Colourbeard's. There will also be the Marines in the form of Akauma, Vice-admiral and all around Bad Ass.

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I'll post up the detailed bio of character this evening. I won't compete for Captain's position (my character is not a natural leader anyway), but I kind of want to make him amateur "archeologist". Who can't actually read Poneglyphs, but thinks he can, and drew bizarre theories from them. His main goal is to reclaim his stolen lawn gnomes from the Marines and/or Blackbeard's crew. He thinks they stole them, but there is no concrete evidence for that.
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I have... no idea what I want my character to be yet!

I must ponder on this.

Probably just going to use Saiga for the name because I suck at names unless someone wants to help me.

Also, should we include our bounty if we're a pirate?

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What's the time commitment for this? Once or twice a day?

Also, I'm relatively new to RP-ing but generally good at picking things up quickly.
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As often as you can, really. It's just not fair to the rest of us if we have to wait a long time for you to respond in order to move the RP ahead. At the same time, there's not really going to be a rush. Just try to find a happy medium about it. If you end up having to drop out of the Rp for any reason then we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

[up][up][up]Your character sounds quite insane, heh. It all sounds quirky, which is good by One Piece standards, but I don't want a lunatic on board :/

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Would it be possible to have characters Put on a Bus for temporary absences?

Also would pseudo-Blue Magic in the form of a Breath Weapon be broken?

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[up][up]He is eccentric, but I won't go too overboard. His theories are mostly harmless. Except the lawn gnome conspiracy that set him on quest against the World Government cool
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[up][up]You'd have to come up with the bus and an explanation for how they would be able to return later, but ok. Well see how it happens. For now, we should talk about what we do about the rp. make a new one, hijack a nother, start afresh, start where? Come on guys, brainstorm.

Ignore this please, this is me being whimsical!

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Well I think that we should start a new one with the crew formed and owning a ship already. Either on the Grand Line or on approach (like one island before the mountain)
Name- Hartley

Epitaph/Nickname- "Shooting Star"

Bounty- 88,000,000

Age- 24

Gender- Male

Personality- A smart man who is arrogant about his intelligence, preferring to avoid long-range combat. He is rather condescending, but tends to joke around a bit, with a light level of perversion.

Nationality- Suburan(island in the South Blue, focuses on astronomy)

DF- Sekki Sekki no Mi, or Comet Comet Fruit. Paramecia. He can turn his entire body into a comet, or fire off his arms as mini comets. He can use this form for transportation as well. He is susceptible to extreme heat, as most comets are, and once he has a target, it is extremely difficult to change positions. He can also only use this ability once every fifteen seconds.

History- As a boy, Hartley was always fascinated with tales of brave men on the sea, free from the harsh nature of life. Forced into study by his overachieving parents, he became intelligent, one of Subura's best students. He entered the army two years early, at age 14, and learned how to use the Planetary Spheres. However, Subura offended the Tenryuubito, and Vice Admiral Galilei was sent to lead a Buster Call in charge of obliterating it. Hartley killed him with his father's rifle as he was nothing more than a braggart, only getting that far off of a meager knowledge of Busoshoku Haki. He was assigned a bounty of 60,000,000, and fled fearfully. Overcoming his cowardice, he became a brave pirate at seventeen, and spent seven years honing his skills, hoping to one day, overcome the World Government. He discovered the Sekki Sekki no Mi from a Marine ship. Pirates had ransacked it earlier, and killed the Commodore who previously owned the DF. He stole it, and began to research Devil Fruits. When he found out, he smiled at his luck. An astronomer having a Comet related DF? How lucky. Minor skirmishes with Marines raised his bounty to its current amount.

Items- He carries a side pouch with six of each of the Planetary Spheres, weighing about eight pounds altogether. He also carries a miniature telescope, as a memento of his deceased parents.

How's that? Do you want me to change anything?

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Name: Howard P. Carter

Age: 27

Height: 195 cm

Weight: 86 kg

Gender: Male

Bounty: 60 mln Berries

Nickname: Gnome Hunter

Personality: Howard is a boisterous and passionate man who tend act quite hammy. His eyes burn with determination to retrieve his stolen gnome law collection and punish the perpetrator(s) for his sin. Due to the pain of his loss he has developed a habit to drink and smoke heavily as a coping mechanism.

Nationality: Hails from West Blue.

Skills: In battle, Carter relies on his psychical strength and martial arts prowess, having none of powers that Devil Fruits bestow. He has learned elements of Rokushiki such as Shigan and Soru but he is still far from the mastery exhibited by CP 9 agents as he is amateur who learned said techniques' principles on his own. By observing Fishman Karate practicioners he attempted to mimic their style as well, but with lesser success. He managed to incorporate his own version of Water Shot, oddly utilizing wine he loves to drink instead of water. As he claims, he works with what he is familiar the best.

History: Howard used to be relatively law abiding archeologist and adventurer who managed to cross the first half of Grandline and reach as far Fishman Island, but never ventured into the New World part of GL. After excavating numerous artifacts of the past, including his collection of lawn gnomes, he settled down and opened up a private museum. He donated his lawn gnomes to charity, and they were purchased by a Marine official on the auction. unfortunately, and accident that involved stairs messed up his head and caused partial amnesia. Having forgot about the fact that his gnomes were voluntarily donated, he vowed to reclaim them even if he had to wreck Marine Headquarters in the process. [I could elaborate more tomorrow, I'm damn tired after journey]

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[up][up]You've got too much for him to be able to do. Remove some stuff, or either remove his Devil fruit or remove his skills while keeping the other, or vice versa. The comet thing is alright but I'm not ok with the freezing aspect. Make him less powerful.

[up]Looks fine.
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[up] How was he too overpowered? Besides the freezing thing(which I just added for uniqueness, but it was too overpowered), the spheres could have been dodged. I did, however, remove them. sad

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Sad.... :(
I...will give this a spin.

  • Name: Jack Boars
  • Nickname: “Bear-Killer”, “The Ultimate Hunter”
  • Age: 25
  • Gender: Male
  • Personality: Jack is usually the calm, cold-headed type. He is extremely phlegmatic, even lazy in most of circumstances and can be relied upon fulfilling his duties reliably. There is however one subject where he shows a surprising enthusiasm (if it can be called that way) and almost ominous flair for drama. That subject is... "Bears". Jack considers bears to be an incarnations of pure evil, devils in disguise, harbingers of apocalypse and more. His fear of bears verges into a realms of phobia, as he has a panic attack whenever there is a bear nearby. As a result, he considers his devil fruit an ultimate curse, something akin to a mark of anti-Christ and really dislikes using it. The fact that most of the world seems to be unaware about dangers of those vicious animals fills him with despair, and he tends to go onto a long rants about the evils of bears whenever he has a chance to do so.
  • Nationality/Race: Human originating from Grand Line
  • Skills:
    • “Bear Bear Fruit (Kuma Kuma no Mi)”. Type: Paramecia. This paramecia fruit allows its user to transform any object he touches into a bear after several seconds. The resulting animal will usually be a hybrid of said item and a bear (ie. Sword-bear will have claws made of sword-blades and an iron skin, Table-bear will be really wide, have square legs and be partially made of wood etc…). Its behavior will be that of an ordinary animal, except that it will consider the user in vaguely friendly terms. It wont really obey any commands from him, but it will protect him from any obvious threats and attack his enemies. If used on human, they will enter the state similar to a hybrid shape of bear-zoan fruit: They will become anthropomorphic bear, with greatly increased strength and endurance, while their skills, personality and allegiance will remain intact. Good thing to use on allies, bad on enemies. The bears will always have a size at least equal to a grizzly bear, but objects bigger than grizzly will create bigger bears. However the size of transformed object is sharply limited by users skill, and Jack is unable to transform objects bigger than he is. At least at the beginning.
    • Jack is also an excellent marksman, skilled in shooting from all manners of ranged, gunpowder-based weapons, from pistols to cannons
    • He is also extremely competent tracker, capable of tracking almost any creature through wilderness and masking himself completely in foliage. Those skills make him excellent hunter, but are useless in cities and at sea.
  • History: Jack is one of the inhabitant of an isle on Grand Line known as “the Hunter Paradise”. It is a gigantic island almost completely covered with forest within its all manner of beast and animals lurk and are hunted by a small, but extremely capable human population. A certain quirk is that animals on Hunter Paradise never stop growing, nor die of age, so there are animals that are ancient and are truly gigantic in size. The island is also inhabited by bears who are apex predators and don’t like humans and their settlements one bit, usually maiming and destroying them when they encounter them. As a consequence, for people on the island, bears are considered equal with “demons” and everything related to them is considered as a “curse”. And in contrast: everything and everyone that opposes or battles them is considered “blessed”. Jack Boars was one of the greatest and most celebrated hunters on the island, who led a ruthless campaign against “the demons”, trying to eliminate them and push them out of the inhabited zones. That was until one day, when he ate a Devil Fruit he found in a forest, in an attempt to gain even more power for his anti-bear crusade. In a turn of cosmic irony, he ate a “Bear-Bear fruit” becoming a conduit for the very enemy he sought to fight. From that point on his fall was swift and merciless – his inability to precisely control his power led him to create several bears in the settlement, creating panic and terror between fellow villagers who quickly branded him as an “Ultimate Evil” and exiled him from the island. Jack thus boarded a first ship out of island and wandered through the world of One Piece ever since.
  • Items:
    • One rifle, modified for long-range shots and sniping
    • Several pre-loaded pistols worn on bandoleer on his chest
    • Clothes made from leather and hides of incredible quality.

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I'm back, baby.
  • Name: Oscar. Just Oscar.
  • Nickname: Ehhh...
  • Age: 22
  • Gender: Male
  • Personality: Lazy. Sleepy, except at night. Unfocused. Loud when he thinks he knows what he's talking about. Deferential, except when he thinks someone else is being hurt. Thinks being a pirate is the route to an easy life. Talent as an actor and storyteller.
  • Origin: Definitely human.
  • Skills:
    • No Devil Fruit
    • Acting skills give him some ability as an infiltrator and grifter.
    • Unarmed skills about average for a GL ready pirate. Big guy, which he uses to his advantage. Specializes in a boxing form.
    • No haki yet (predisposed towards observation).
  • History: Oscar isn't fond of talking about where he comes from. He's just a drifter. He is pretty well known to the marines from the southern part of the South Blue and bears a slight resemblance to an actor of note from the same area. (will hash out the details with the GM if need be, but would like to keep as much from the others players as possible 'till it becomes relevant.)
  • Items:
    • Book of notes and stories he's cribbed from folk he's met.
    • Pair of light sandals he exchanges with a pair of heavy boots when needed.
    • Necklace of braided rope and a few small shells. (Small tone dials that have short, possibly useful sounds. Six useful in total with:
      • gunshot,
      • woman's scream,
      • creaking wood boards,
      • dog barking,
      • distant foghorn,
      • and a reminder to brush his teeth
      • as well as a seventh he hasn't gotten to work.)note 
    • Locket
  • Extra:
    • Height: 6' 5'' (196 cm)
    • Weight: 250 lbs (113 kg)
    • Blood Type: -O

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I can't post a bio at the moment, but I'm considering making a magician/gadgeteer of some kind. More to follow later.

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So I'm just going to lay down my Devil Fruit and you let me know if it's okay:

Iki Iki no Mi (Breath Breath Fruit)

Paramecia type

  • Has two basic abilties: Inhale and Exhale.
  • By inhaling a substance, the user can "absorb" it and replicate it through exhaling. If the user successfully inhales the substance, they'll take no damage and they never take damage from exhaling it (ex they inhale fire without getting burned, and from that point on they can exhale fire without burning themself, but an enemy can still burn them with their own fire).
  • The abilities I plan to start my character with:

  • Wind Breath
  • Fire Breath
  • Icy Breath
  • Poisonous Breath
  • Smoke Breath
  • Minty Breath
  • Alcoholic Breath

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Hmm... I might go about using my explorer/researcher OC I created in this. He tracks down devil fruit users to interview them on their powers and their fruits, and tracks down unused devil fruits to research them. He has also eaten the reach reach fruit, which ill go into more when I write up his sheet.
Hey,Big P, mind if I use the Planetary Spheres later in the story? As in, I learn to use them as the story progresses?
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Okay, I'm posting up a preliminary bio thingy now, though I won't know for sure whether I can do this or not until I get more info on what kind of time commitments this RP requires.

Name: Remy Le Grande

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Personality: Cheerful, with a flair for the dramatic. Remy plays a lot of things close to the vest (a magician never reveals his secrets, after all), and will cheerfully evade any topic of discussion that he doesn't care for. Does his best to be polite and never seems to take offense.

Nationality: From Mirrorball Island

Skills: Remy has worked hard to become an excellent magician. He is extremely skilled in sleight of hand, escapology, and misdirection, in addition to a passing knowledge of pyrotechnics, special effects, ventriloquism, and illusions. When touring the East Blue Remy was forced to make his own equipment, and is thus also quite capable at metalworking, carpentry, tailoring, and the odd bit of engineering. He is a skilled swordsman and a decent shot.

History: Remy Le Grande grew up on Mirrorball Island, a place renowned for its showmanship and hard-partying lifestyle. As a youth, he decided to make a name for himself in show business and began studying how to be a magician. At 16 he was the opening act for a number of East Blue celebrities, and at age 17 set out to tour several islands in the East Blue. No one knows for sure what happened next, but at some point along the way a bounty was placed on his head. Remy has since wandered from place to place before falling in with his current shipmates, always one step ahead of any bounty hunters.

Items: In addition to a few sets of clothing (these don't count, right?), Remy has the following:

  • One specially-designed magician's black tuxedo with hidden pockets and other accoutrements
  • One black wide-brimmed parson's hat, similarly outfitted
  • One curved sword, specially treated to withstand extreme heat or cold (this should be a special trick of forging, but I don't know what to call it)
  • One pistol, with both regular shot and special shot (for "bullet-catching")
  • One toolbag that contains, in addition to regular tools, a needle and thread
  • A chemistry set, used for creating the pyrotechnics/special effects needed

Misc: Remy's bounty is not an official Marine bounty — it was issued by a private contractor, but he still has reward posters throughout parts of the East Blue.

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It's okay to make a Marine, right?

Name: Ziiro

Epithet: "Commo-Dao" or, previous to his promotion "Ship-Shinkuu Ziiro"

Age: 43

Gender: Male

Personality: Ziiro is incredibly loyalist, to a fault even. Whether it's to his Dao religion or his position as a Marine Commodore he will always follow tradition. Even after his promotions through the ranks left him able to choose his own style of dress, he still wears the traditional marine uniform. The only change he made to his appearance was the growing of a short beard. That's really all you need to know about how serious this man can be. He's a moral man but he believes in following all orders and keeping the universe in its proper order. He does have an incredibly corny punning side to him, though, as evidenced by his awful epithet.

Nationality/Race: Origins in South Blue, looks much like a real-life Chinese person.

Devil Fruit power: Shinkuu Shinkuu Fruit. Paramecia. Ziiro is a Vacuum man or, as he often says, a Dao man. This gives him the power to create vacuums and voids to decrease air resistance or draw objects toward him.

Skills: Ziiro has Observation Haki (which he credits to Dao) and decent enough reflexes to use it. His weapon is one shotgun slung over his shoulder. He can load it with "Void Shot" using his Devil Fruit power in order to shoot a concentration of nothingness, creating a vacuum far out of the range of his powers, or use it to shoot regular bullets. In addition, he can call in a few men when necessary. Ziiro can also navigate enough to get between close islands, but he is not above hitching himself to a larger ship in order to travel longer distances.

History: Ziiro was raised in a Daoist temple in South Blue and taught the importance of nothingness as a spiritual concept. This idea of everything being in a perfect order gave him the traditionalist conservative attitude he holds to this day. Joining the marines at the age of 15, Ziiro soon climbed the ranks due to his hard work and attention to detail. When he became Captain Ziiro moved to the Grand Line base at Marineford in order to seek out the Shinkuu Shinkuu Fruit, which he believed was his destiny. Since acquiring it Ziiro has climbed to the rank of Commodore, where he enjoys enough freedom to patrol Paradise and keep the peace.

Items: Commo-Dao Ziiro owns his shotgun, shot, Marine Uniform, Log Pose, and a small rowboat that he can also power with his Devil Fruit by creating a vacuum at its front. He is against owning anything more, so he only accepts enough salary and gifts to keep eating.

"I can sense you in the absence of absence. You are a disturbance in the order. Without a Dao-t I will destroy you and clean up the pieces so that you can never disturb us again."

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We seem to have 6 crew members now in the Grand Line, which is a lot. I'll make the Sign up page now for other people wanting to get in. People might be able to make their own NP Cs and such to interact with the crew now, or even new arrivals. This RP was better than I thought it could be. Of course, I fully expect 1-2 people to end up abandoning it or to stop responding (>.>) but ah well, better we have more than what we need. now we have to decide on the captain. Someone who can post often.

@Drakovicz Hmm. Interesting character. It's accepted, because like you said, he doesn't like to use it so you won't be relying on it too much. But I would like you to come up with a(noter) weakness for him. Not a crippling one but something to just tweak him right.

@ Oh no a Bear Accepted. No need to elaborate.

@ Saiga Hmm… OK. Does the fruit make him immune to things like wind, fire and ice? Or does he have to be quick enough to inhale it first?

@Alleydodger Sure go for it.

@Corr Terek As often as you can. Look at it from everyone else's point of view. If we're in the middle of a great bit of role-play which you are involved in, and we wait for your response which takes a week. We can't do anything else. At the same time, if you let everyone else talk and do stuff without you then you'll have to come up with a good reason or something as to what your character was doing. I'm not expecting 5 posts a day if you can't manage it, but i don't want anyone else's fun ruined by it.

I want to make sure everyone is interested and enjoys this RP. As a GM, that's my principle role I think (I also like Remy a lot so I hope you can post often enough to involve him). I love magician type characters.

@hazzaboner Sure. Would you mind including a few tropes that apply to him as a character? Will be an Inspector Javert or just think 'all pirates are criminals'? He'll be able to RP without the protagonists, by the way, with Akauma (And possibly another Vice-Admiral) while the main characters do other things.


Here is Akauma's profile. He is the villain of our story who we actually meet (Blackbeard will be The Ghost).

Name: Classified, known as Akauma (Translates to Red Horse).

Nickname: The Red Horse of War

age: 38

Personality: Sullen. A real asshole, to everyone, even -Akainu-. Very curt and short, to the point. Likes doing things with his hands.. He hates the 'meetings' Vice-Admirals have, and, in truth, never cared to be a Vice-Admiral but Akainu did it just to piss him off. He just wants to kill as many pirates as possible and become a feared man in his own right. Unfortunately, most people only take him seriously when they hear about his mentor, and not him. This makes him grumpy alongside his tendency not to have a ship but instead swim everywhere. He may have a 'first mate; of sorts but more on that later.

Nationality: Human, West Blue.

Devil Fruit power: None on himself. His sword, however, ate the Crab Crab No Mi fruit and has a variety of special attacks he can use. You'll find out later what they are.

Skills: Grandmaster of Haki. He has all types but predisposition and uses them without hesitation. He also has super strength unrelated to his haki and excellent swimming skills. To clarify, he doesn't use a boat in the one piece world, he swims everywhere. Including the Calm Belt. Sea kings are nothing to him. That sort of Badass Normal badassery.

History: Joined the Marines as soon as he was old enough, and always had a temper. One day, he was cleaning a hallway with a fellow recruit when the recruit suggested he was doing it wrong. After a heated discussion, Akauma killed the marine.. Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on your view, Admiral Akainu was making an investigation of the base at the time. After hearing Akauma's explanation, he did not punish the marine but instead tutored him. His brutality and asshole tendencies brought him no higher than Vice-Admiral in all his years in the Marines, although he has never killed fellow marines again. That is, not yet… He took the name Akauma to honour Akainu.

Items: His Crab Sword, a Den Den Mushi in a protective air bubble, a normal sword and underwater breathing apparatus.

Misc: Has met some of the crew before on Cactus Island in one of the Blues, and is a bit more 'notorious' than his previous incarnation. Lawful Evil.

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Why hello again to Akauma.

Might join this RP. I already have a character I can use, after all (though I'll probably change her profile considerably).
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[up]Speaking of Akauma, I would like you to bring back Gharb and his suffering first mate (Who may or may not be Akauma's second in command, as it were). I know Akauma doesn't have a ship, but your character could be like, his liason, or something. They had good chemistry, him and Gharb. Good foil, although Commo-dao seems to have some opposites to Akauma too.
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Oh, yeah. Tropes applying to Ziiro:

The Comically Serious

Inspector Javert to a degree, much like Smoker

Undying Loyalty

Those are his main personality traits, which make him very steadfast and single-minded. Like one of the reasons he hasn't gone up the ranks more is because he is too focused on chasing individual pirate crews and helping individual towns.

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