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The Fastest Man Alive
Hello. Sorry if this is the wrong place for this, but I wasn't sure which workshop was best. I asked in Ask The Tropers, and it seems like it should be here, if only because of the sprawling nature of the problem.

Basically, the Star Wars pages are very poorly organized. The main Franchise page contains a lengthy description, links to the pages for the individual movies, links to parodies of the series, and a trope list. Here's the problem: the Expanded Universe is linked to as a separate Franchise page, and its tropes are relegated there. It seems to me as if the main Franchise page should include all of the indexed works and tropes in the franchise, and not just the movies. If page size is an issue, the description is quite bulky, and probably doesn't need to be.

Another concern is the character pages. As it stands, the main character page provides links to the character pages for the Original, and Prequel trilogies, and a third page that contains characters that appear in both, or are less important. There is no link to the character pages for the Expanded Universe. And the Expanded Universe's character sheet is also rather haphazardly organized.

In short, Franchise/StarWars is effectively Film/StarWars, while everything that makes it a Franchise is left to the side.

Here's my proposition: an integration and organization of the information and tropes on the Star Wars Expanded Universe page into the main Franchise page, a reorganization of the Character Sheets for the entire series, making them easier to navigate and find relevant information, and a trimming down of the main description.

I am willing to do most of the grunt work on this myself. I came here mostly for approval, advice, and instruction and assistance, if and when I need it.

Thank you for your time.
Seeking for Light
If you think a central page for the films alone would be a good idea, then you could always break the redirect on Film.Star Wars and turn that page into the central hub for the films.
The Fastest Man Alive
That's actually the opposite of my goal. The franchise as a whole should be included on one page. Unless I'm grossly misunderstanding the point of the Franchise namespace.
Seeking for Light
I meant have one page for the franchise as a whole, one page for the films as a group, and a page for each film individually. I haven't looked at the pages in question, so I don't know exactly what they're like, but it seems like it would be worthwhile to have a page for the six films as a group. I know that when I talk about "Star Wars", I'm really only referring to the films, not to the franchise as a whole, and I doubt I'm alone in that.
The Fastest Man Alive
It seems redundant to me, but as I'm sure something will need to be split, I suppose it's possible.
I propose the following:

  • Make Film.Star Wars refer to the film series, instead of A New Hope.
    • Alternatively, make it a disambiguation.
  • Make a page for the film series (maybe even one for the original trilogy and one for the prequel trilogy).
  • Make a page for the history of Star Wars.
  • Move basically everything from the franchise page to the appropriate subpage (the history goes to the history page, the parodies go to May the Farce Be with You, etc.), leaving links to those pages.
  • Start fixing all the wicks (though that'll take a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away).

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Don't listen to the negative ones; their arguments are irrational.
In my opinion either the films as a group or each of the trilogies should by split off but the setting tropes should remain on Franchise.Star Wars.

Should we make a crowner?

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Here's a crowner.

[up][up]What do you mean by "the history of Star Wars"? History of publication or in-universe history?

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9 SeptimusHeap16th Feb 2013 11:55:19 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
Not agreeing on throwing the expanded universe into the franchise.

I also have some misgivings about this crowner, although I am not sure why.
Why was the suggestion to merge the pages on Star Wars with Star Wars Expanded Universe removed from the crowner? It was Bad Wolf 21's original suggestion.

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11 SeptimusHeap24th Feb 2013 12:58:23 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
Because merging a franchise with its fanworks is nonsensical.
Seeking for Light
Film.Star Wars and Franchise.Star Wars are the same thing, so I'm rather confused by the crowner options that call for them to be split...
13 SeptimusHeap24th Feb 2013 10:17:58 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
Film.Star Wars is supposed to become a page about the films, Franchise.Star Wars a page about the rest.

Now if Franchise.Star Wars encompasses the EU as well, I will upvote that merger.
Seeking for Light
But what is "the rest" other than the EU (which is currently on a separate page)?
The Fastest Man Alive
Septimus: The EU is officially sanctioned and produced by Lucasfilm. It is not "fan-works".
16 StarSword26th Feb 2013 08:38:06 PM from somewhere in deep space , Relationship Status: In denial
You are of Bajor.
[up] What he said.
Seeking for Light
I'm still confused over how the leading option is going to change anything but the page name...
18 SeptimusHeap27th Feb 2013 09:18:01 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
The current page description for Franchise.Star Wars talks about the franchise, the prequels and mainquels in three distinct blocks.
Stars Wars EU is offically canon to the movies, therefor it is part of the same franchise. They should absolutey be merged and anything on the Star Wars franchise page right now that is specific to the movies as a group rather than the franchise as a whole should be part of a Star Wars film page (that also links to the pages for the movies seperately).
20 SeptimusHeap27th Feb 2013 10:13:27 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
^ Yeah, OK, I understand what you mean. Truth is that some Word of God has stated it is canon and some has not and there are a lot of EU things that are conflicting and whatever. HOWEVER, the franchise index defines a franchise like this:

"Some series have so many adaptations and spinoffs that you need an index to keep them all straight. This is an index for those indexes.

If continuity is maintained between them all, then they're The 'Verse"

Which indicates to me that even if they are different 'verses they are part of the same franchise per TV Trope's definition of the term franchise.

ETA: Although now that I look at it there is some prescedent for splitting. It is pretty inconsistent, I am thinking that maybe some franchises were split based on the pages being too long?? Splitting Yu-Gi-Oh GX from Yu-Gi-Oh seems particularly odd, but the Yu-Gi-Oh GX franchise page appears to be a disambig?? Maybe I am not understanding what the franchise namespace is for

ETA NUMBER 2: OK srsly why is is there a franchise page for Harry Potter and then another one for Potter Verse ?????

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22 SeptimusHeap12th Sep 2013 07:11:14 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
Votes bump. Right now, splitting the films off is at 12-3 and merging the franchise page with the EU page is at 8-5.
Nothing happened yet. Franchise.Star Wars and Franchise.Star Wars Expanded Universe are two pages, and Film.Star Wars redirects to Film.A New Hope.

My opinion is that the Expanded Universe is part of Star Wars, but the Expanded Universe is big enough to have its own page. I warn against merging these two pages. Both pages have very long trope lists. These are too long to merge.

I suggest that Franchise.Star Wars is for the whole franchise (including the Expanded Universe), but Franchise.Star Wars Expanded Universe keeps its own page.

Here are my votes:
  • Split Film.Star Wars off Franchise.Star Wars: Not voting
  • Merge Franchise.Star Wars with Franchise.Star Wars Expanded Universe: Nay
  • Keep Franchise.Star Wars as it is: Yea
  • Split Film.Star Wars Original Trilogy and Film.Star Wars Prequel Trilogy off Franchise.Star Wars: Nay
In uffish thought
Crowner called in favor of splitting out Film.Star Wars but not doing anything else.
May I raise another issue? I've been reading the work pages for the original trilogy, and they have spoiler tags everywhere. The thing is, I swear I remember that further back in the past the original trilogy was considered Spoilers Off. Do we really need spoiler tags for the original trilogy? Everyone in the western world knows that Darth Vader was Luke's father, right?

Page Action: Star Wars
16th Feb '13 11:44:00 AM
What would be the best way to fix the page?
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