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76 Ironeye15th Apr 2012 09:06:38 PM from SoCal , Relationship Status: Falling within your bell curve
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This is not the thread to discuss the policies themselves. That's here.

This is not the thread to debate the merits of KnJ. A petition for restoration has been posted, and thus it will get a dedicated thread later once the committee members have been decided.
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Lotte's anime was suppose to be alot tamer than the manga (I have not read the manga but did watch the anime.)

The anime was even under a different title than the manga.... If the manga is too much we should have a page on the anime at least It aired on TV of all things without any need for censoring.

As was said earlier it's viewable on Crunchyroll (which means it is licenced in the US without any restrictions I believe.)

KNJ.... No way it could get licensed or well anything, I am kinda ok with it being cut.

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79 lebrel15th Apr 2012 09:09:28 PM from Basement, Ivory Tower
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The Lotte no Omocha anime is called Astarotte's Toy and it appears to be still available on Crunchyroll, for those who want to see it for themselves.
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80 Willbyr15th Apr 2012 09:09:42 PM from North Little Rock, AR , Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
Yeah, I tried to argue to keep Kn J based on those points, but Eddie's not hearing it. *shrug*

While I'm at it, I'm going to throw out the following petitions:

I cleaned the Lemons and the other pure-porn recs off these pages a few days ago, and took some explicit links out of others. There may be some others that still get culled, but I can vouch for (or at least throw an experienced opinion in for) every one that I've either recommended, seconded a rec for, and/or reviewed. Several of them have their own trope pages that can also be reviewed for content.

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I only have practical fan-works I'd like to see re-added to fan fic recommendations.

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@Nocturna: think you could put up that list in a Sandbox? With the explicit explanation that it should only be a list and that no comments about the cut pages should be added, of course.
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Eldrith Cat
While Knj will never be licenced in the US because it was inspected by closed minds, it is still not in anyway pro-pedo.

So with that I nominate Kodomo No Jikan as candidate for restoration. Also if possible, for cleanup to make all entries neutral and locking so no hater or pedo can edit any of its contents.

Edit: sorry. I was going to add that it was also inspected at a time when anime and manga of all genre was largely discriminated against as works that contains questionable contents. Also the slack it gets are due to story and plot speed and not pedo content. Haters are the ones that gave birth to the pedo idea. That is why a review is needed for this work.

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[up]That doesn't sound like a very solid argument. It won't be allowed because of closed minds sounds like well they like it's pedoshit but I don't.

Seriously anime gets a lot of slack in the states when it comes content. If it wasn't licensed here there is a reason.

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[up][up] Yeah, we are absolutely going to check (and generally protect) the page for/from undesirable content if it's restored.

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86 feotakahari15th Apr 2012 10:05:22 PM from Looking out at the city
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^^ Enough people have argued in favor of it that it should get a review. That review may or may not go in favor of its restoration.

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Fanfic recommendations/Chip'n'Dale Rescue Rangers

I'm pretty, *pretty,* sure these were all harmless, sirs.

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[up] Let's try to keep the stereotypes at a minimum here.

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@Belian: I will put the list up on a sandbox page as long as the mods don't object to it. (Is it all right with you, mods?)

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@One More

Not like that: I mean have one or a group send a draft and if found acceptable, the page is edited. Otherwise it will be kept as it is.

@Jordan I prefer "furry sympathizer within the non-aligned sphere," if you please. grin
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All media are subject of racy fanfiction whether it be about furries, robots, Chinese people, or talking cars. But we're getting off topic.

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This thread gathers petitions for deleted works. If you wish to discuss the general rules behind the documentation of all works, please use the other thread.
96 emeriin16th Apr 2012 07:38:18 AM , Relationship Status: She's holding a very large knife
If fanfic rec pages count, may I request That Guy with the Glasses to come back? All the fic there is about the characters, not the actors. There's a fair amount of smut, but it's plot with not that much porn (the two series with hookers playing an important part are really mostly angst-centered than sexy), the dark non-con stuff is solely between adults.

In terms of (ugh) "pedo!shit": the kid!fic has a line of two underage boys thrusting against each other, but that's all there is in terms of implications, they're messed up in canon anyway, it's written so you're feeling sorry for them instead of titillated and they themselves think they're just being normal and playing around.
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It was not uncontroversial in Japan either, btw. A couple of TV stations cancelled plans to broadcast the anime adaptation back in 2007.

Also, I agree that Fate/stay night should be restored, considering that it had a non-Hentai version that didn't actually remove much.

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98 Raidouthe21st16th Apr 2012 08:05:27 AM from Whacking trick-or-treating punks , Relationship Status: Anime is my true love
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This may have been answered before, but is there a way to request a list of what exactly was cut? I'm only asking because apparently KnJ and Lotte were cut, and I don't believe they were on the Hentai page...and I know Lotte certainly isn't Hentai, it's Ecchi at best.
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99 Pyrite16th Apr 2012 08:13:58 AM from Right. Beneath. You. , Relationship Status: Hiding
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As Nocturna mentioned earlier, she's compiling a list and will put it up once given approval.

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I'll be the five millionth person to say: Lolita should be restored. Besides what everyone else says, it really hurts this site's credibility if a work like that is banned because it's considered "pro-pedophilia," both because of how it makes TV Tropes look bad to be censoring discussions of literary classics, and the fact that that seeing it as "pro-pedophile" is something that pretty much only people who have never read the book or any sort of criticism on it think, and it really makes it look like the people running TV Tropes do not know literature if they fall for a misconception that huge. The people who think Lolita is pro-pedophile are pretty much exclusively Moral Guardians who have never read the book. It's well known to anyone who has, or is even the least bit familiar with it, that Humbert is a Villain Protagonist and an Unreliable Narrator.

I understand if it had to be taken down temporarily to be cleaned up so that any pedo-related ads don't go on there, and I understand restricting the restored page so only certain people can edit it, but it really REALLY should be restored when this is all over.

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