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Tropers: Belian
Yu hav nat sein bod speeling unntil know. (cacke four undersandig tis)the cake is a lie!

I was enjoying reading various tropes when I realized something: there is no way I can stick with all the series I want to without joining up. So here I am and please ignore or change my bad speeling wenever it ocures.

    Games I bought on Steam... 
...or been given me but I have not played/finished playing (some are sorted into categories and they are listed in order of appearance in my library):

Adventure Ben There, Dan That! ; Broken Sward (1, 2, and 3) ; The Dig ; Indiana Jones (Last Crusade and Atlantis) ; Jolly Rover ; Lume ; Manhole ; Spelunx ; Time Gentlemen Please

First person and shooter Ailien Breed (1, 2, and 3) ; The Ball ; Borderlands ; Bunch Of Heros ; Dead Space ; Penumbra Overture ; Star Wars Dark Forces

Gimmick Aa Aa AA ; Bit Trip Runner (I have Beat as well, but have gotten through most of that one) ; Fate Of The World ; Rock of Ages ; Terraria

MMO Rusty Hearts ; Spiral Kights ; Platformer And Yet It Moves ; Aquaria ; Cave Story+ ; Super Meat Boy

Puzzle Big Brain Wolf ; Bob Came In Pieces ; Braid ; Chaos Theory ; Doc Clock ; Edge ; Puzzle Agent 2 ; Puzzle Dimension ; Puzzler World (1&2) ; SpaceChem ; Toki Tori

RPG The Binding of Isaac (have not beaten it even once yet) ; Chantelise ; Dungeons Of Dreadmor (have not gotten that far/played that much) ; Freedom Force (original and Vs The 3rd Weich) ; The Last Remnant ; Star Wars KOTOR

Strategy Anomaly Warzone Earth ; Might and Magic (Dark Messiah and V) ; King's Bounty ; Orcs Must Die ; Swards And Soldiers

Unsortedmostly because I have not played them yet Atom Zombie Smasher ; Avadon The Black Fortress ; Bastion ; Blocks That Matter ; Cosmic Osmo ; Darwinia ; Demolition Inc ; Dungeon Defenders ; Everyday Shooter ; Frozen Synapse ; Inside A Star Filled Sky ; Limbo ; Lugaro HD ; Magica ; Multiwinia ; Rochard ; Runespell Overture ; Sanctom ; Sequence ; Sideway ; Space Pirates and Zombies ; Tobes Vertical Adventure ; Torchlight ; Uplink ; Waves ; Xotic ; Zombie Driver

Thank you so much Steam Holiday sales. And me getting a job that has me working most days.

Fan of the following titles:

Enjoyed/enjoying (but probably not a major fan of) these titles:

Ryzvonusef: I am in your base, vandalizing your page, yo!

Because there's never enough Jim Butcher love - Falco

So, does that mean I should correct your spelling on this page? - Spirit

The Grammar Nazi association thanks you for not hating us. - Stolen By Faeries

Ask for avatars related to anything on your page, then list Homestuck? I salute you, poor sir/madam. - Noaqiyeum

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