Can a Big Guy be graceful?:

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Can a Gentle Giant cross with Lady of War (a male version)? He's not very fast or agile, but has experience in dancing, and seems to be rather quick when playing dance simulators such as Pump It Up on a hard difficulty. He is also very gentle, quiet, reserved and rather feminine, but has the size and strength of a Mighty Glacier. But how can someone built as a linebacker be elegant?

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Yes, all a big guy really is a heavy hitter / damage taker. Outside of those they can be anything.
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But how can someone built as a linebacker be elegant?

Lawrence Taylor was on Dancing with the Stars.
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Indeed. It'd be a great subversion of expected archetypes... and possibly fucking terrifying to behold in combat.

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A lot of football players take ballet, because it helps improve coordination and speed. The big muscles are strong enough to handle him dancing about all froofy.

The only real problem is that his size will mean that, unlike most agile fighters, he can't use it in smaller spaces (not enough room). Otherwise, he's good, and a really feminine titan amuses me. Gender stereotype reversal, yay!
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There's also the fact that in order to master just about any non-distance-weapon-based form of combat, one should by default be both strong and agile. Swords, in particular, are a matter of combined force and finesse, and up until fairly recently those were the weapon of war *.

(On that note: Go and PM Madass Alex about what it takes to be a decent swordsman. He'll tell you... a lot. Gladly.)
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Oh, hell yes. Ignore that these guys are being awkward for comedy and look at what they're actually doing with their bodies, and think about the incredible flexibility and muscle control it takes to do that:
Look at more of their performance videos: Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo.

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