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Great Scenes from Movies You Disliked:

 1 gingerninja 666, Mon, 15th Aug '11 5:36:00 PM from Aboard The Damocles
Have you ever seen what you've found to be an all around terrible movie, but found yourself unironically loving one or more particular scenes from it?

I'm not talking about scenes that are So Bad They're Good, I mean honest to god, "this deserved a better movie" type scenes.

I choose Beckett's Deathscene from At World's End. I rank it up there as one of the best death scenes put to film.

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 2 Gvzbgul, Mon, 15th Aug '11 7:25:43 PM from Middle Earth
Anakin rolling around on the ground in front of Obi Wan in Star Wars III.

I also can't give specific examples but often I will see a crappy film then see it again and notice how there are often moments of depth to them. I guess those are actors putting a bit of effort in or maybe the whole film was meant to be like that and it merely got lost in the editing.

 3 Psychobabble 6, Mon, 15th Aug '11 9:32:18 PM from the spark of Westeros
The Happening. Terrible freaking movie, but the scene in the house with the creepy woman (the one that didn't have jack shit to do with the rest of the movie) was really good. Well, it was up until she started ramming her head through the windows, which was hilarious. But I was legitimately scared during that scene. The rest of the movie was crap, though.
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 4 d Roy, Mon, 15th Aug '11 10:01:47 PM Relationship Status: Getting away with murder
[up][up][up] I liked that movie...
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 5 Known Unknown, Mon, 15th Aug '11 10:51:13 PM from Here. There. Everywhere.
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^^^^ I also call into question that movie being called "terrible."
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 6 Gvzbgul, Tue, 16th Aug '11 12:37:31 AM from Middle Earth
I think the point is that YMMV and that we are celebrating scenes in films that we otherwise did not like.

And example not from me but my friends, In Bruges was a film I loved but my friends hated. However they liked the scene where the main character tries to shoot himself, it was one of the few outright funny scenes in the film and thus conformed to their expectations. In Bruges was not marketed well.

edited 16th Aug '11 12:37:39 AM by Gvzbgul

Yeahhhh, The Happening could never be terrible for me. Probably one of the funniest movies I've ever seen. Doubt that was the intended effect, but hey, not gonna complain.

I'm going to go with Ghost Ship as my choice. The wire scene, if you know what I'm talking about.
^ For those who don't, though.

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 9 terlwyth, Tue, 16th Aug '11 1:13:42 PM from Berzerkeley, Kalifornien Relationship Status: Wishfully thinking
The gravestone has been stolen
Okay, the four waterbenders drowning Zhao, the scroll, and out of context everyone bowing the Ung and the look on his face, oh and Zuko and Eer-roh at the tavern

Five great scenes in M Night Sham-alan's simpering garbage

Also the part where Harry brings Cedric's body back in the film of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, between Radcliffe's performance and the contrasting cheers. Too bad the rest of it was Adaptation Decay at work.
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 10 Moogi, Wed, 17th Aug '11 1:53:38 PM from everywhy
A Mediocre Khan
Most of the scenes with Alfred in Batman & Robin were rather sweet and would have been beautiful if placed in a non-shitty movie.

The action scenes in Sucker Punch were pretty brilliant, and I would have frankly preferred the entire movie be built around them, rather than what we actually got.

While the movie itself was not so much 'bad' as a Guilty Pleasure, every scene with the cowboy guy in Ghost Rider was pretty awesome.
 11 Gvzbgul, Wed, 17th Aug '11 2:47:03 PM from Middle Earth
I hope nobody will take offense at me saying that most superhero films are crap. Not bad crap but mediocre crap. But, what makes them worth watching is that they often have a scene where the movie just steps it up a notch, or drops the origin story crap and gets down to buisness. The X-Men films are a good example of this, each of them have moments of brilliance, Magneto's escapes in X2 and 3, Nightcrawler's attack on the white house, the opening of X1.Or perhaps Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, while bad it still has moments where the family nature of the Fantastic Four comes through. Ang Lee's Hulk (a good film in my opinion) had an origonal portrayal of phasing through objects as well as a great focus on the father son relationship. I could go on but pretty much every superhero film is mostly mediocre with a few moments of greatness. Usually when they stop padding and cut loose with the special effects or the fight scenes.

Anakin rolling around on the ground in front of Obi Wan in Star Wars III.

That was a really good moment, that and the first half of the actual fight between them, it felt like it was starting to drag when they head outside. I think the prequels have a decent amount of good scenes unfortunately strung together in a series of terrible movies.

I think Ang Lee's Hulk had plenty of great scenes like when Bruce and his father are talking near the end of the film, when Bruce is talking about what he feels during his Hulk-blackout periods, the parts with Hulk in the desert fighting the military and the quick hallucination where Hulk grabs Bruce though the mirror and says "Puny human."

 13 Rottweiler, Wed, 17th Aug '11 3:24:56 PM from Portland, Oregon
Dog and Pony Show
Mediocre film, amazing speech:

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 14 Nohbody, Wed, 17th Aug '11 3:57:26 PM from Somewhere in Dixie Relationship Status: Mu
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^ Pacino's usually pretty good for giving even lackluster films something worthwhile.

edited 17th Aug '11 3:57:43 PM by Nohbody

 15 Borne Again, Wed, 17th Aug '11 9:55:11 PM from Last House on the Right
Trope on a Rope
I wouldn't say Kate and Leopold is a bad movie (a bit forgettable even with the time travel gimmick), but Liev Schreiber gives this little scene far more heart and quiet passion than the film probably warrants.

edited 17th Aug '11 9:55:43 PM by BorneAgain

Still waiting for a Legion of Losers movie...
 16 Buscemi, Wed, 17th Aug '11 10:31:35 PM from a log cabin
I Am The Walrus
The buffet scene in The Nutty Professor II. Yes, the one good part was an escalation of the dinner scene from the first.
 17 Bobby G, Thu, 18th Aug '11 2:19:22 AM from the Silvery Tay
With Mod Hat On
Title changed in an attempt to stem the "but that movie wasn't terrible!" posts.

Remember, this thread is about great scenes from movies you thought were terrible. It's not for bitching about movies you didn't like.
 18 pagad, Thu, 18th Aug '11 3:19:59 AM from perfidious Albion Relationship Status: Having tea with Cthulhu
Sneering Imperialist

Great sequence, dreadfully dull film.

edited 18th Aug '11 3:20:44 AM by pagad

 19 terlwyth, Thu, 18th Aug '11 9:46:24 AM from Berzerkeley, Kalifornien Relationship Status: Wishfully thinking
The gravestone has been stolen
Also the Arena Battle at the end of Star Wars Episode II, which was arguably the worst in the entire series.
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I'd say some of the action-y scenes in green lantern
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 21 Schitzo, Thu, 18th Aug '11 10:48:43 AM from Akumajou Dracula Relationship Status: LA Woman, you're my woman
The neo nazi scene from The Doom Generation where the three characters are either castrated or raped. I liked to end the movie there and pretend all three died.
 22 Mr AHR, Fri, 19th Aug '11 8:06:44 AM from ಠ_ಠ Relationship Status: A cockroach, nothing can kill it.
Ahr river
The "preparations" for the fight scene, in You Don't Mess with the Zohan >>

edited 19th Aug '11 8:06:51 AM by MrAHR

 23 Andy Dyslexia, Wed, 24th Aug '11 8:27:57 PM from the inside of your head
Andy Dyslexia
The "Scotty Doesn't Know" scene from Eurotrip

Magic Pig Detective
Betsy Palmer's big moment in the spotlight in the first Friday the 13th movie. That performance goes a long way towards livening up a boilerplate slasher with little else going for it.

And if it's not stretching the title concept too much, I'd like to mention the short film with the rabbit they showed before WALL-E. The former is one of my favorite Pixar shorts, the latter is part of the reason why I no longer give a shit about their new releases.
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 25 Cider, Wed, 31st Aug '11 6:07:29 PM from Not New York Relationship Status: They can't hide forever. We've got satellites.
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The part where the bad guy wins in The Rise of Cobra. About the only good thing in the whole movie besides the French guys jokes.
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