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This troper is a rarity. Actually, no. He's like everyone else. but he wants this page to exist so...

He watches SpongeBob, and also believes it has not jumped the shark that much, and will defend it at all costs. He also a HUGE fan of Phineas and Ferb and even wrote this fic.

He also hates Asterisk Penises.

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Seems that you're a Nickelodeon fan. Yo. -Kinkajou

YOU ARE MADE OF BADASSCAKES AND AWESOMESAUCE WITH A DOLLUP OF SUPERCOOL CREAM. (: I love your little Lazytown skits and you should write for Nick one day-Dark Lady Celebrian

Oh, me? I'm just his Hypercompetent Sidekick stroke proofreader taking a stop here to clean up his mess, as usual. - The Meta Beta/Mothra

Under "Perverse Sexual Lust", sub-category: people you met on IRC, don't forget Team Doofenshmirtz! XD JK or am I? - Planty

Weirdo -Truteal

Vandalism, indeed. *tags in straight letters* -Misuki

You have been... GLOMPALIZDE~! -Enkfka

Greetings Executor....I hope you have been enjoying your stay here.... -The Watcher

I will show you my Stacy-Featured-In-An-Official-Busted-Sequence-Inator. It's For the Win for the both of us!

You might know everything I'm going to do, but that's not going to help you, since I know everything you're going to do! STRANGE, isn't it?! - Altimeter

Wassup wit you? Oh, and way to keep yourself on the up and up. *wink wink, nudge nudge.* - Karlkadaver
  • Hey, hey! S'mee again! I see you're still keeping on the straight and narrow. Good on ya, mate! But we know the truth, don't we? Hehehehehe... - Karl Kadaver

The faeries bring apples - we don't think any are rotten. - a faerie

Sup goosebumpsfan.

  • Dude. I was here. IN SONG!
Dude I don't know who you are.
Hell, you may just be talking car,
Maybe now you'll see,
A great song-writer is ME!
I think this song is crap,
Yeah... sorry about that.
- Inhopelessguy

"and also believes [1] never jumped the shark"...... YOU'RE FIRED! - Magcargo Man