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As has been discussed before, the "Everything's X With Y" snowclones are performing poorly. One low, low performer is Everything's Better With Bunnies, which doesn't really even have a description. This is effectively an index of bunny tropes with a list of any bunnies that have appeared in a work after it. I can't think of any actual tropes that are not already covered by the tropes on this page, with the possibility of "Lucky Rabbit's Foot".

I propose 2 possible solutions:

1) Turn Everything's Better With Bunnies into an index page, preferably without the "Everything's X With Y" title and cut all examples and inbounds.

2) Cut it completely.

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I agree with make it an index and remove examples. And lose the snowclone name.

Bunny Tropes Breed Like Rabbits? Look At All The Rabbit Tropes?
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I found this among the stale threads. Perhaps we should make a Special Efforts thread to deal with the various Everythings X With Y issues.
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So this trope as-written is not an actual trope at all. There's no connecting thread to any of the examples; it's just a list of rabbits in media.

I vote we scrub the wicks and cut it. There's no value here.
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[up]I support this.
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While I would not support creating a new trope like this, for various irrational reasons I think we should keep it. If nothing else, send it and other tropes like it to Sugar Wiki.

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Sugar Wiki is for gushing. Lists of animals in media is not gushing.
It is gushing about rabbits. And how cute and awesome they are.
You mean the page description, rather than the example? Um... yes, that's right. But it's not gushing about works. Therefore, it has zero relevance.
Okay, than at least turn it into an index instead of cutlisting it. And have someone do a trope for lucky rabbit feet, and rabbits used for Rule of Cute.
Also, can we cut Rule of Cute?

There is no such thing as a Rule of Cute. The other rules are "This violates logic, but we accept it, and we do so solely because it is X." Despite the page's intro, there isn't a thing where things make no sense but we accept it because it's cute.

Well, maybe there is, but we don't have examples of it. We have a misnamed index that lists cuteness tropes, none of which have anything to do with willing suspension of disbelief. We should rename it Cute Index and send "Rule of Cute" back to (perhaps die, perhaps return from) YKTTW.

Extra madness: the page's image. "There's no other word for this," says the caption, while linking to another word for it, one that has its own page.
Sigh... Some people are determined to be kill joys.

Look, this this hasn't become flame bait or a natter fest. It isn't being misused as a stock phrase or a sinkhole magnet. It isn't named after some obscure reference. It isn't a subjective whining trope. There is no evident misuse. And despite being called "low performing" it is not low performing at all.

Don't be fooled by the 103 inbounds. That is just the inbounds this has managed to garner after being shifted to the custom title.

Look at this instead.

6,961 inbounds and 323 wicks is nothing to sneeze at. Obviously there are lots of people out there that think this is a fun, cute page worth linking and visiting.

So it is a just list of fictional rabbits, that may or may not be much alike. So what?

Petting Zoo People is just list of anthropomorphic animals, that may or may not be much alike.

Pointy Ears is just a list of humanoids with pointy ears, which may or may not be much alike.

Unicorn is just a list of horses with horns, which may or may not be much alike.

I can anticipate an answer to this though: But Auxdarastrix, those things are purely made up, so they are tropes! Rabbits are People Sit on Chairs.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is precisely the attitude that makes it a pain and a half to write an extensive page for anything not Speculative Fiction on this wiki. Name any alien and you have a dozen tropes that apply just to describe his body, before you even get to his personality. Have an Real Life animal play a prominate role and you are lucky if you can find a single "Everything Is Better With" page to use.

So, yeah, if you really do think this page is doing to much in one page, maybe we can spin some stuff off. But all the things it lists are legit animal stereotype tropes, and the page seems to be performing pretty well as is without causing problems. I mean, it isn't like anyone is mixing this us with weasels or something.
Do you want a page for Bunnies Are Adorable? That might work. We're fixing the ridiculous Everything's Wetter with Otters page by retooling it into Playful Otters. But Otters isn't a trope, nor is rabbits.

You're right that we hold invented concepts to a different standard, and you're also right that we give them too much leeway. Unicorn looks like it has some problems - "Guy draws unicorns, showing that he's girly" and "king rides unicorn into battle" are not the same trope. And Pointy Ears is even more so not a single trope.
We could retool this page to be Bunnies Are Adorable, and spin off, say, Rascally Rabbit and Lucky Rabbit Foot.

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That could work. "Rabbit" is not a trope; "Rabbit in the role of <foo>" is.
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Just thought it worth mentioning that the inbounds have increased to 157 from 103 over the course of the last 15 days, not to mention that the old ptitle brought in 6,961 people to the wiki from non-search engine links since 20th FEB '09.

Inbounds for this trope seem to be breeding like rabbits.
There seem to be several trope pages that are just "any work with X animal in them." Besides this there's Everything's Better with Monkeys, Everything's Worse with Bears, Big, Badass Bird of Prey, and Frogs And Toads. All of them seem like useless pages to me.
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[up] Yeah, there's sort of an ongoing struggle against this whole snowclone family. Prolly more than half of the index needs repair. We've been taking them one at a time.
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My hypothesis is that these sort of pages are a lot more popular with the casual reader and editor than you would expect form the more serious sort that hangs out on TRS and considers this type of of thing to be useless. This page is only 331 articles, yet it has more inbounds than Cat Girl, which is both substantially older and is on more than 1500 articles.

Sadly, there doesn't seem to be any way of polling the general user base on whether or not these types of things are seen by our readers as having any merit. Your average reader can't even tell that this page is under review right now, because someone without an account is not going to see the TRS tag at the top of page that those of us with an account and always logged in are going to see.

The people that hang out on this board and make these sort of decision are a very small minority of our user base. Nevertheless, I seriously doubt I'm going to manage to stop the backdraft among that minority against these pages.

So... We might as well put up a crowner.

My suggestion is that if we have to change it, turn it into an index page for rabbit trope, and spin off some more subtropes, such as I list above.

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Crowner here.
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Upvoting the index idea. "Rabbit" is not a trope. The stereotypes listed aren't even helping this page, as it's not organized, but they do have potential as new tropes.

(The bullet about Hoodwinked amuses me, as it claims the rabbit character averts this trope. My head just exploded.)

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The current crowner options don't mention the need for a rename. Should we add an entry to the crowner that says "rename and turn into an index" or should we deal with the rename on a separate crowner? Or can we go straight to an alt titles crowner after this one? (because if the leading option wins the snowclone name automaticly wouldn't fit with the page purpose).
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I'd say going straight to alt titles wouldn't hurt. As you pointed out, the title wouldn't fit the index idea.
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I modified the option for the index to say that we would be renaming it. I guess I had figured that was implicit in changing something from a trope to an index.
Found this awesome page re the use of Rabbits as tricksters. I will definatly be cribbing from it for the Rascally Rabbit trope.

Edit Rascally Rabbit YKTTW page is up here, just in case the vote goes the way I expect it.

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Page Action: Everthings Better With Bunnies
9th Dec '11 12:34:04 PM
What would be the best way to fix the page?
At issue:
We need a new name for the Rabbit and Hare Tropes Index that will replace Everythings Better With Bunnies.

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