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16126 Achaemenid16th Mar 2014 05:36:31 PM from Blades , Relationship Status: All is for my lord
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@if you protest his family, you will be like him

That might - might - hold true if he was the only member of his family that was politically active. But he wasn't; WBC is a family business which runs it's protests as a family unit. It now seems that there's been a palace coup too. His daughter Shirley is just as bugnuts insane as he is. They're not "victims". If you ask for some kind of "dignity for the family", then you're asking for the a courtesy they never extended to anyone else.

Another, rather simpler difference, is that those who protest his funeral - if they do - are likely to be those who fight hatred rather than spread it. Fred Phelps did what he did because he hated, in pursuit of a vicious and reactionary ideology, anyone who wasn't part of the tiny Elect of saved people he thought would join him in Heaven while the rest of us burned eternally. He - with the collusion of his family - made a great many people's lives a misery. Those people can, as far as I'm concerned, get even any (legal) way they want.




I'm not shocked. I'm just disappointed at what seems to be mindless good-taste being extended to someone who doesn't deserve it.

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16127 RadicalTaoist16th Mar 2014 05:38:12 PM from the #GUniverse
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It is easy and gratifying to hate a person. It is more important to hate an idea.
As for his disowning by the church; as far as I'm concerned it's a hell entirely of his own making. He made his bed. Now he can lie in it.
And this is the key point. We won. He provided a direct, abject lesson in what happens to your life when you build it around hate - it ends in misery and solitude. A passing twinge of pity is all he will get from me. I wouldn't suggest picketing his funeral because I wouldn't suggest even learning where it is, or putting his eulogy in the paper. Let him pass into history alone.

He doesn't deserve to have power over anyone's lives anymore.
16128 Joesolo16th Mar 2014 05:42:55 PM , Relationship Status: watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
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[up][up] "They're not "victims". If you ask for some kind of "dignity for the family", then you're asking for the a courtesy they never extended to anyone else."

THATS THE POINT. We're not even asking for anything anyway. We're pointing out by not taking action you're better than them. by doing a protest your lowering yourselves to the same level.

YES he's a hateful little shit. but you go and pay evil unto evil and you're not much better.

By taking actions against him you're just playing into their plans. they wanted angry responses. you're better served not doing anything.

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16129 Kostya16th Mar 2014 05:43:31 PM from Everywhere
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Frankly I don't care if his family are as bad as he is. The man is dead and his family is going to be understandably upset by this. You can go back to hating them and fighting them in whatever way you want afterwards but can't you give them one minute of peace to mourn the person they care about? Are we really that petty and driven by revenge that we're just going to be blatant hypocrites about this?

Also in my mind they are victims if you protest his funeral. They were denied the ability to peacefully say goodbye to a person that they loved. I don't care if the reason is different, the net effect of the action is the exact same thing and that makes it wrong in my mind.

edit: Look, the man is dead. His family might continue on his work but, if you don't protest, there's a chance, however slim, that they will learn from this that their enemies are better. It's unlikely but it could spur them to change their opinion. Don't you think that chance is worth taking so no one else ever has to have their funeral protested?

[up]That's another thing. The WBC likes it when people react to them. It gives them attention. They intentionally try to provoke a reaction from people. This is probably what they want to happen.

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16130 Morgikit16th Mar 2014 05:50:31 PM from    Alabama    , Relationship Status: In season
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Maybe some of us don't feel like we have to be much better. Just better is enough. Besides, we're used to being judged and hated no matter what we do. A little extra judgement, a little extra hate won't change a thing.

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16131 Kostya16th Mar 2014 05:52:05 PM from Everywhere
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Okay then. I don't really have anything else to add. Ultimately the decision in how to react to this is up to the individual. I just wanted to bring up some things worth considering.

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16132 Joesolo16th Mar 2014 05:52:59 PM , Relationship Status: watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
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[up][up] Alright then, by all means feed those that hate you by doing exactly what they want.

George Takei for one would disagree with you.

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I... I just can't bring myself to go against George Takei. ;_;
16134 Morgikit16th Mar 2014 06:06:47 PM from    Alabama    , Relationship Status: In season
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1. George Takei is not the king of the LGBT community. We are allowed to disagree with him.

2. I'm not even planning on going to the damn funeral. Anyone who judges me is judging me for something I'm thinking about doing. And that's just a waste of energy.

3. I used to want haters to like me, but now I can't be bothered to please them.

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16135 Sixthhokage116th Mar 2014 06:23:54 PM from Paradox Space
"That's another thing. The WBC likes it when people react to them. It gives them attention. They intentionally try to provoke a reaction from people. This is probably what they want to happen."

Yes. To put it in internet terms, they're trolls. Don't feed the trolls.
soooooooo many irons in the fire ::::D
Ok, fair points. It would be better to just let them fade away and be forgotten.
16137 Ogodei16th Mar 2014 08:04:29 PM from God Space
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I still have to wonder why he was excommunicated. I'm not getting good reasons from what i can see...
16138 Madrugada16th Mar 2014 09:06:55 PM , Relationship Status: In season
^ No one outside the WBC and him knows. Any reasons that are being offered are pure speculation and should be treated as such. It's likely that no one outside the WBC members ever will know.
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16139 RadicalTaoist16th Mar 2014 09:12:01 PM from the #GUniverse
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Let's get a few things straight - unless the LGBTQ community starts hounding the WBC to suicide and committing thinly disguised legal fraud, they are not worse or anywhere near as bad as the WBC. I don't think anyone should picket but I'm not going to go around making false equivalencies.

Another thing - his family excommunicated him. It's likely that no one will show up to his funeral, period. (I would find this fitting and instructive.)
16140 EarlOfSandvich17th Mar 2014 05:14:03 PM from the Palouse , Relationship Status: I LOVE THIS DOCTOR!
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Wow. A right-wing American saying America should be more like Russia. What has the world come to?

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16142 tricksterson17th Mar 2014 07:46:33 PM from Behind you with an icepick , Relationship Status: I made a point to burn all of the photographs
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My own take isn't that by protesting Fred Phelps funeral you become like him but that by doing so you give him more attention and significance than he deserves.
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16143 Ogodei17th Mar 2014 08:03:56 PM from God Space
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It's not the first time someone's expressed admiration for Putin on the American right.

Total hearsay (that is, no idea if this is Poe's Law), but i found this elsewhere.
16144 KBSL19th Mar 2014 01:26:49 PM , Relationship Status: Forming Voltron
As for the funeral protests, if you think they were wrong to do it, because they disrupted a grieving families moment, and then do the same thing, your in the wrong, it doesn't matter if you have different reasons for doing it, because the effect is the same.

People can have perfectly justifiable motives and still do morally wrong things. If you don't care about having the high ground that's fine but don't pretend that you do when you do the same thing as the person you're criticizing.

And that's all I want to say about that.

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16145 supermerlin10020th Mar 2014 05:39:02 AM , Relationship Status: Abstaining
Protesting funerals is a dick move, that doesn't really achieve anything.
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not sure this one's actually a skull, but w/e
Not unless one of the protesters is a necromancer, anyway.
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16147 BlueNinja020th Mar 2014 07:34:37 AM from Living in Exile , Relationship Status: Wishing you were here
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Students removed from yearbook for being gay.

Who was it complaining about how bass-ackwards Arkansas is? More data points to support that claim, unfortunately.
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16148 Fighteer20th Mar 2014 07:44:23 AM from the Time Vortex , Relationship Status: Dancing with Captain Jack Harkness
That's got to be worthy of a First Amendment lawsuit.
16149 CaissasDeathAngel20th Mar 2014 08:58:14 AM from Dumfries, SW Scotland , Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
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what is apparently the content of the deleted bio has been posted in the comments. Prepare yourself with brain bleach and a cushioned hard object to smack your head against before reading any other comments though - many support the school. Some use aids as a reasoning (eye twitches)
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16150 Fighteer20th Mar 2014 09:01:18 AM from the Time Vortex , Relationship Status: Dancing with Captain Jack Harkness
Very little about the stupidity of homophobes could shock me at this point.

I think that the only even vaguely rational (as in, not blatantly homophobic) argument presented in the original article was the fear that publishing an account of a gay student's experience might make him the victim of hate crimes or persecution. Still, that's just a backwards way of saying, "Society thinks you're terrible and we don't want to rock the boat."

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