YMMV / Yoshizilla Rhedosaurus

  • Archive Panic: He has more than 1,000 stories on Fanfiction.Net which would no doubt take an unmeasurable amount of time to get through every single one. To make matters worse, some of them have an obscene amount of chapters which are constantly being added. The two busiest fics are Waluigi's Taco Stand which has over 500 and Life at Pizza Hut which has officially surpassed 800!
  • Bile Fascination: Probably the reason why so many are attracted to the gross out humor in his fanfics.
  • Colbert Bump: siivagunner's rip of Waluigi's Taco Stand gave the fanfic of the same name a huge bump, prompting Yoshizilla to update it more than usual.
  • Cult Classic: Though he's lost some of the popularity he had around the early 2010's (Mostly due to the novelty of his fics wearing off by then), there's a significant amount who remain and still follow him zealously, many of whom have started similar fics of their own.
  • Dork Age: Had a severe Attention Whore period roughly around 2010 where he would deliberately post fics in the wrong sections of Fanfiction.net (Such as putting a Mario story in the Beavis And Butthead section), all of these "dishonest" fics have since been rethemed, deleted, or replaced.
  • Fountain of Memes: From the likes of Baneposting, to famous fictional girls farting, to commonly used YTP sources like the Zelda CD-I games... there is a lot of memes present.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: He wrote a fanfic about the Nintendo characters (along with Spongebob Squarepants characters) going to Universal Orlando. Guess what happened nine years later (and earlier for the Spongebob crew).
    • He has also written a story that predicted Donald Trump becoming the 45th president of the United States.
  • Nausea Fuel: Also to be expected given how the female characters he writes have growling guts and farting problems.
  • Padding: A common criticism is how much he spams his fanfics and chapters out, as it not only pushes other authors' stories off the front page, but his own as well. Roughly a third of his stories have few or no reviews because people don't know they exist.
  • Recycled Script: Subverted. Some of his stories start out like this, only to completely end up differently.
  • So Bad, It's Good: The appeal for pretty much the entirety of the fanfiction he writes.
  • What Do You Mean, It's Not for Kids?: Some of his works are rated M. Although there are a few snippets in his T rated fanfiction that have small traces of stuff that aren't appropriate for kids to read.