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  • Awesome Music: Monolith's soundtrack is a love letter to Wendy Carlos, using a fair amount of techno in orchastral arrangements.
  • Contested Sequel: Despite being given the Orwellian Retcon treatment from Disney, there are still a handful of fans who prefer this sequel to TRON: Legacy, or who say both sequels could fit in the same continuity by making some minor changes to both canons.
  • Hell Is That Noise:
    • The Datawraith's chatter. It even freaks the programs out.
    • The Finders' chirp and chatter, especially when Jet doesn't have his disk.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • Depending on your opinion on TRON: Legacy, the fact that the Tron Legacy Code only manages to make things worse can become hilariously ironic.
    • Ditto with the fact that Tron himself went missing shortly after the events of the film and no one knows where the hell he is. The comic book sequel says that Flynn himself also went missing...Maybe these continuities aren't as separate as they appear?
      • Except for the fact that it says Flynn went insane after the events of TRON. Of course, his behavior in Betrayal and Legacy could be construed as crazy.
    • The computer in Thorne's PDA sounds and acts a little like GLaDOS, especially at the end when she just wants Jet gone.
    • The Sequencer weapon itself counts as another case of Hilarious in Hindsight or Harsher in Hindsight. Jet is able to split his disc into multiple parts and fight with them. Remember who does that in the canon sequel?
    • Also straddling the line between Hilarious in Hindsight or Harsher in Hindsight: The rocky relationship between Alan and Jet can seem oddly similar to the way Tron and Beck work together.
    • A second weaponry example with the Rod Primitive (the lightcycle baton). Mercury shows Jet how it could be used as a nasty improvised shock weapon. Sam? Tried to use it as a lightsaber. Right idea, wrong implementation.
  • No Problem with Licensed Games: Tron 2.0 was originally the official sequel to the first movie, instead of an interactive rehash.
  • Player Punch
    • The first comes when you download an email from Alan talking about the completion of the Shiva Laser rebuild.
      Lora was right about the algorithms. I wish she was here to celebrate this moment.
    • The second comes when Jet and Mercury split up to cover more ground. The reformat is closing in, there's not much time. Jet, Byte, and Ma3a are on the platform leading to the exit port with nanos to spare...and Mercury sacrifices herself to fend off the Z-Lots so they don't overrun the party.
    • The next one comes on the antiquated Encom server where you realize, to your horror, that getting Ma3a to a few minutes of safety condemed the entire server including I-No to death, and there's nothing you can do to stop it.
    • Follow it up on the Internet Hub. Mercury's alive?! But she doesn't recogize Jet at all, speaks robotically, and can't understand anything other than her User's orders. Two Programs who overhear this comment that she must have been re-installed from backup.
    • It looks like everything's going to be okay. The Tron upgrade is being compiled to Ma3a, the Z-Lots have been chased off for now, and it looks like Jet's earned a breather. But then Alan warns Jet too late not to compile that code, and Thorne crashes the party with an army of Z-Lots.
    • OK, Jet's putting up a good fight. He might just be able to chase Thorne off. But that's when the code finishes compiling and the corrupted Ma3a emerges "All Users must be terminated!" She attacks and wounds Thorne, murders Byte by casually backhanding him into the wall where he shatters, and only fights the corruption long enough to tell Jet to run
  • Robo Ship:
    • Jet and Mercury.
    • A case could also be made for Alan and Ma3a, especially considering that Ma3a is, at least in part, a Virtual Ghost of Lora.
  • That One Level: The glitching tank gauntlet on the Antiquated server. The tanks cannot be overriden or destroyed, they shoot at random, cause a lot of damage, and occasionally shoot out the very ground you're standing on.
    • Thorne breaking into the dance club can be frustrating as well, since his attacks have splash damage in a very small space and there are zealots all over the place as well AND you have to protect MA3A as well.
    • The level of having to snipe ICPs from a tower has also caused players to rip their hair out in frustration. Your sniper rifle uses most of your energy bar at that point, there's a very limited opportinity to refuel, and if a single ICP gets to Ma3a, you have to do the whole thing over again.
    • Taking out the stabilizer bits on the Datawraith cruiser. You have to hit the target just right with a disc shot, and then run for your life because it instantly spawns two Wraiths up in the carrier itself raining continuous fire on you with Mesh blasters. Worse, they are at a far distance and use their Teleport Spam to make them insanely hard to hit.
  • Unfortunate Implications: The franchise is pretty short of POCs and female characters (justified only somewhat by the demographics of a typical computer company). The villains? A Scary Black Man (Crown), a Bollywood Nerd (Baza, said to be from Delhi), and a French woman (Popoff). Thorne, voiced by David Scully, may or may not be African-American as well (the corruption makes it difficult to tell).
    • Then again, the only human protagonists are father and son, while the rest are computer programs.

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