* AlternativeCharacterInterpretation: [[{{AlternativeCharacterInterpretation/Tron}} The franchise now has its own section]]
* AwesomeMusic: Monolith's [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCKgZBkHago soundtrack]] is a love letter to Wendy Carlos, using a fair amount of techno in orchastral arrangements.
* ContestedSequel: Despite being given the OrwellianRetcon treatment from Creator/{{Disney}}, there are still a handful of fans who prefer this sequel to ''Film/TronLegacy'', or who say [[TakeAThirdOption both sequels]] [[PatchworkFic could fit in the same continuity]] by making some minor changes to both canons.
* DisneyFication: Well, it is a Creator/{{Disney}} universe, and it warrants a Teen rating while most first person shooters are RatedMForMoney. Monolith managed it by making liberal use of the franchise's BloodlessCarnage, the fact that Jet is [[JustAMachine killing Programs]], and even hinting DeathIsCheap [[spoiler: with Mercury's restoration from backup]]. They also avoid having Team Bradley [[spoiler: kill humans by various dodges. Thorne is killed by the Kernel, the Wraiths are kicked out to analog when defeated, and the TerribleTrio end up imprisoned on a hard disk]]. It's only when you [[FridgeHorror think about it a bit]] that anything actually becomes disturbing. Oddly enough, this makes this game not only LighterAndSofter as far as FPS games, it's also LighterAndSofter then ''Film/TronLegacy'' and even ''WesternAnimation/TronUprising'' by a large degree.
* FollowTheLeader: While it's certainly an original game, it uses many of the same gameplay elements as ''VideoGame/HalfLife1''.
* HilariousInHindsight:
** Depending on your opinion on ''Film/TronLegacy'', the fact that [[spoiler:the Tron Legacy Code only manages to make things ''worse'']] can become hilariously appropriate.
** Ditto with the fact that Tron himself went missing shortly after the events of the film and no one knows where the hell he is. The comic book sequel says that Flynn himself ''also'' went missing...Maybe these continuities ''aren't'' as separate as they appear?
*** Except for the fact that it says Flynn went insane after the events of TRON. Of course, his behavior in Betrayal and Legacy could be ''construed'' as crazy.
** The computer in Thorne's PDA sounds and acts a little like [[{{VideoGame/Portal}} GLaDOS]], especially at the end when [[VideoGame/{{Portal 2}} she just wants Jet]] ''[[VideoGame/{{Portal 2}} gone]]''.
** The Sequencer weapon itself counts as another case of HilariousInHindsight or HarsherInHindsight. Jet is able to split his disc into multiple parts and fight with them. Remember who does that in the canon sequel?
** Also straddling the line between HilariousInHindsight or HarsherInHindsight: The rocky relationship between Alan and Jet can seem oddly similar to the way [[WesternAnimation/TronUprising Tron and Beck]] work together.
** A second weaponry example with the Rod Primitive (the lightcycle baton). Mercury shows Jet how it could be used as a nasty improvised shock weapon. [[Film/TronLegacy Sam?]] [[WrongGenreSavvy Tried to use it as]] [[Franchise/StarWars a lightsaber]]. Right idea, wrong implementation.
** The [[LifeDrain Energy Claw]] subroutine, when used, bears a very strong resemblance, both in animation and function, as a [[StarWars Sith-style Force choke]].
** The F-con CEO, heavily implied to be Ed Dillinger, is never seen. He speaks to his employees only via cameras, PA systems, and email. Now, remember that scene from {{Film/TronLegacy}}'s "The Next Day" [[spoiler: Where Ed Dillinger Junior is speaking to his "father" (implied to be Master Control 2.0) using the same methods]].
** On a meta level; [[OrwellianRetcon Disney deciding to make the game]] [[CanonDiscontinuity and its related material non-canon]] (and the fanbase pretty much ignoring the dictate as an inverse of FanonDiscontinuity) is happening again with the Franchise/StarWarsExpandedUniverse.
** An army of drones working for an evil corporation that are uploaded to loot any data and secrets they can grab and are forcibly knocked out of cyberspace, only for the next batch to be sent in? Gee, sounds a lot like the Sixers from ''Film/ReadyPlayerOne''
* SugarWiki/NoProblemWithLicensedGames: ''Tron 2.0'' was originally the ''official'' sequel to the first movie, instead of an interactive rehash.
* ThatOneLevel: The glitching tank gauntlet on the Antiquated server. The tanks cannot be overriden or destroyed, they shoot at random, cause a lot of damage, and occasionally shoot out the ''very ground you're standing on.''
** Thorne breaking into the dance club can be frustrating as well, since his attacks have splash damage in a very small space ''and'' there are zealots all over the place as well AND you have to protect [=Ma3a=] as well.
** The level of having to snipe [=ICP=]s from a tower has also caused players to rip their hair out in frustration. Your sniper rifle uses most of your energy bar at that point, there's a very limited opportinity to refuel, and if a single ICP gets to [=Ma3a=], you have to do the whole thing over again.
** Taking out the stabilizer bits on the [=DataWraith=] cruiser. You have to hit the target ''just right'' with a disc shot, and then ''run for your life'' because it instantly spawns two Wraiths up in the carrier itself raining continuous fire on you with Mesh blasters. Worse, they are at a far distance and use their TeleportSpam to make them insanely hard to hit. (The Prankster Bit removes ''that'' issue, however.)
** The first time you engage a Seeker is easy enough, right? The data worm is weakened, one wave of three Resource Hogs appears between "phases" of the fight, piece-'o-cake even if you are down to using Primitive Disc. But then you have to sink a ship, but before that you got to fight a fully powered Seeker while [=DataWraiths=] spawns nonstop, and even at full power all you do is scratch the Seeker to death. Oh, and be mindful that being anywhere near a Seeker is instant de-resolution.
** Light Cycle Sequences. No quick-saving allowed, AI is just too good at it and has frame-precise controls.
* PlayerPunch
** The first comes when you download an email from Alan talking about the completion of the Shiva Laser rebuild.
---> ''Lora was right about the algorithms. I wish she was here to celebrate this moment.''
** The second comes when Jet and Mercury split up to cover more ground. The reformat is closing in, there's not much time. Jet, Byte, and [=Ma3a=] are on the platform leading to the exit port with nanos to spare...and [[spoiler: Mercury sacrifices herself to fend off the Z-Lots so they don't overrun the party.]]
** The next one comes on the antiquated Encom server where you realize, to your horror, that getting [=Ma3a=] to a few minutes of safety [[NiceJobBreakingItHero condemed the entire server]] [[spoiler: including I-No]] to death, and there's nothing you can do to stop it.
*** Jet did offer to have I-No come with him, but I-No chose to FaceDeathWithDignity over being an antiquated program.
** Follow it up on the Internet Hub. [[spoiler: Mercury's alive?!]] But she doesn't recogize Jet at all, speaks robotically, and can't understand anything other than her User's orders. Two Programs who overhear this comment that she must have been re-installed from backup.[[note]]However, Alan apparently saved Mercury 2.8.1, and she reappears near the conclusion.[[/note]]
** It looks like everything's going to be okay. The Tron upgrade is being compiled to [=Ma3a=], the Z-Lots have been chased off for now, and it looks like Jet's earned a breather. But then [[spoiler: Alan warns Jet ''too late'' not to compile that code, and Thorne crashes the party with an army of Z-Lots]].
** OK, Jet's putting up a good fight. He might just be able to chase [[spoiler: Thorne]] off. But that's when the code finishes compiling and [[spoiler: the corrupted [=Ma3a=] emerges ''"All Users must be terminated!"'' She attacks and wounds Thorne, ''murders'' Byte by casually backhanding him into the wall where he shatters, and only [[FightingFromTheInside fights the corruption long enough]] to tell Jet to ''run'']]
* PortingDisaster: The Steam release has a bug that causes an infinite installation loop. Luckily, [[http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Tron_2.0#Infinite_Install_Loop there are fixes for it]].
* RoboShip:
** Jet and Mercury.
** A case could also be made for Alan and [=Ma3a=], especially considering that [=Ma3a=] is, at least in part, a VirtualGhost of Lora.
* TechnologyMarchesOn:
** The in-play graphics of the game ''TRON 2.0'' were better than the ''mainframe-rendered'' graphics of the original movie.
** In-game example: the Recognizers have become outdated and have been retro-fitted into transport tugs.
** Another in-game example is where the Tower Guardian I-No is boasting about the specs of his system, which would have outclassed almost anything in the era of the 1982 film, but by today's standards...
--->'''I-No''': ''EN-1282. Top of the line mainframe. Sixteen bit processing. Full monochromatic display support and a local storage of two hundred and fifty-six megabytes! I challenge you to find a more robust system.''
* UnfortunateCharacterDesign: A common complaint from players is that Alan's sprite looks very little like Boxleitner (far too short and thin for an actor that is 6' 3" and about 200 lbs), and even looks more haggard and aged than the actor did in ''Film/TronLegacy'' that came out seven years later.
* WhatAnIdiot
** F-Con, a rival company, is trying to take over Encom to obtain the digitizer tech. Their CEO says in an email how he has been looking forward to this for twenty-plus years\\
'''You'd Expect''': F-Con to wait for the merger to quietly go through, the new bosses to force Alan Bradley into early retirement (with a generous severance package), and quietly appropriate the AI [=Ma3a=] and the Shiva Mark II laser as company property, launching the [=DataWraith=] project beneath everyone's notice.\\
'''Or''' If that was not an option, they would use their mole, Thorne, to copy and steal the files and smuggle them back to F-Con headquarters where they could again, quietly work on it.\\
'''Or''': If Alan ''really'' made a stink about the merger and handing over his life's work, arrange for him to "[[MakeItLookLikeAnAccident disappear]]" from his home or even the Encom parking garage, maybe with some appropriate steps to make it look like he was a despondent, aging man who had [[DrivenToSuicide lost his beloved wife, his close friend, was estranged from his son, and had a career go down in flames]]. \\
''Or'': If they really needed the man himself alive, arrange the kidnapping and staged suicide, but make sure to keep a ''pioneer of AI technology and computer security'' (as in ''the guy who programmed Tron and [=Ma3a=]'') away from any computer equipment, electronics, or even a telephone jack and electrical outlet. \\
'''Instead''': They arrange for a couple of goons to march into Encom in the middle of the workday, brazenly kidnap Mr. Bradley while he is on the phone with his son, threaten his life repeatedly, and [[LockingMacGyverInTheStoreCupboard lock said computing pioneer in a room full of cast off computer parts with a working power outlet and telephone line]].
** Speaking of Thorne, he was F-con's [[TheMole mole]] inside Encom for several months, observing the laser tests and sending the results back to F-Con. He heard Alan repeatedly talk about how the laser wasn't ready to digitize humans and he had ''almost'', but not quite, worked the bugs out just yet on the safety features.\\
'''You'd Expect''': Thorne and F-Con to run some tests of their own to discern if that was truly the case or if Alan was stalling for time. You'd also expect F-Con to test this with something other than a human being right off the bat. \\
'''Instead''': Assuming Alan was just stalling, F-Con bypasses all safeties and shoots Thorne in there. Alan was ''not'' joking about those safeties. Thorne becomes a living computer virus ''they'' can't even control.
** Jet obtains the [[NamesTheSame Tron Legacy]] code ([[{{Film/TronLegacy}} no relation]]) in the belief it will protect [=Ma3a=] from tampering, but he also finds several emails on the old Encom mainframe indicating that the code wasn't completed and has serious bugs. \\
'''You'd Expect''': Him to point these out to [=Ma3a=] and have second thoughts about installing something to her code that may not be compatible. \\
'''Or''': Wait until he could contact "Guest" and ask about the code.\\
'''Instead''': He and [=Ma3a=] find a compiler living on the Internet, ''he volunteers'' to try compiling it to himself (dude, you're a User, that alone should make it a dodgy idea). [=Ma3a=] steps in and says it's meant to protect her from tampering. As she is being compiled, Jet gets a warning from his dad ''not'' to compile it. As soon as the process completes, [=Ma3a=] goes AxCrazy from the buggy code, kills Byte, wounds Thorne, and tries to kill Jet, who can only get on a lightcycle and flee in terror.