Trivia: TRON 2.0

  • Celebrity Voice Actor:
    • Rebecca Romijn-Stamos as Mercury.
    • Bruce Boxleitner reprises his role as Alan.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: David Skully plays both J. D. Thorne (under a lot of distortion) and Seth Crown (in his normal voice).
  • Recycled Script: Don't make a drinking game out of how many plot points and pieces of character design from this game got recycled for TRON: Legacy and/or TRON: Evolution. (See Alternate Continuity)
    • Jet himself splits the difference between Sam Flynn (Spin-Offspring, Playful Hacker, troubled adolescence, apparently apathetic to Encom's trouble) and Beck the Renegade (Hero with Bad Publicity and a very troubled relationship with his father/mentor figure)
    • Ma3a's appearance and function was recycled into Iso leader Radia
    • Thorne's costume, coloration, status as a living virus, unleashing hordes of corrupted Programs on the system, and merely being an Unwitting Pawn can be seen in Abraxas.
    • The initial goal of the protagonist is to rescue his father.
    • Upon arrival in cyberspace, our hero is immediately sent to the game arena (franchise staple by now)
    • Jet is rescued from certain death by a mysterious female ally working for his dad
    • There are a couple levels which involve breaking into the enemy headquarters to steal back Jet's confiscated disc.
    • The fact that Flynn allegedly went insane and vanished (per the spin-off comic), and Tron's fate is unknown to 2.0's characters, also play very nicely into Patchwork Fic.