YMMV for TV TOME Adventures

  • Awesome Music: Most of the songs used in the series are this, at least according to Kirbopher. It's probably why he chose to use the songs in the first place.
    • Kirbopher's in-universe character, Kirbopher15, even lampshades this in an early episode where he says "God, I love this music!" When the Wily Stage 2 theme starts playing as battle music.
    • Especially the song used when Alpha battles the D-Bug dragon in Episode 60, Part 1. It's called Travel Demon.
  • Fridge Brilliance: Kirbopher15's odd power-up from the D-Bug comes up in the form of '1111'. Years later, TOME is made. Check the date it came out... see what he did there?
  • Fridge Logic — RubyRulz, one of the Netkings, relies on using his opponent's cache of all the opponents he has ever fought to change his form and use different attacks. Without the cache, he has no attacks, and no way to defend himself (Nylocke defeats him by deleting his cache). At the end of the first season, we learn that he and the other Netkings fought against that season's Big Bad, a massive Virus, and managed to seal it away. So what exactly did RubyRulz expect to do against a creature who probably doesn't even HAVE this cache?
    • Notice that they didn't use a battle grid for that fight. He probably just "borrowed" the cache from one of his allies.
    • The policy of the Netkings is that if you defeat one, you must then try to defeat them all, as proven after Alpha's fight in episode 23 where he (kinda) defeats Zetto and Webmaster appears immediately...didn't Nylocke defeat Zetto about two episodes before that?
      • It was in a tournament that Zetto himself set up — he probably requested that the other Netkings suspend that rule for the duration of the tournament, to prevent them from showing up with a challenge mid-tournament in the event of him losing.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: The ambiguous ending to TTA Episode 73 becomes a lot sadder knowing that the person GameCrazed is based on has since passed away.
  • Growing the Beard (Season 2 onwards, though the first finale feels fairly facial follicle-filled)
  • Most Annoying Sound (Like a standard game, people tend to use attacks with only one stock phrase multiple times. Results are predictable.)
  • Narm: ALPHAZET!
    • That being said, the whole concept of Alphazet is MEANT to be taken as Narm. The first time it's mentioned? Alpha gets an Imagine Spot of he and Zetto doing the traditional Fusion Dance for a few seconds, until Zetto breaks it, lets out a Big "NO!" and proceeds to beat on Alpha repeatedly for several seconds.
    Zetto: NOOOOOOOO! No! No! No! No! No! N! Freaking! O!
  • The Scrappy: Sk8rboi. Kirb stated that he hated the real person so much, he made him the annoying little villain that anyone could beat.
  • Tear Jerker: Although the ending that TTA ultimately got is pretty heart-wrenching, what Would have happened had it been completed just makes one want to cry.
TOME (the In-Universe game, not the reboot) would have been removed from the internet, prompting Webmaster to host a final tournament while it's on its last leg. At an unspecified part of the tournament, Alpha finally goes up against Zetto (which had been built up since the Z-Tournament) to face each other for one conclusive time. Right as they load the Battle Grid, with all the characters cheering behind them, Alpha and Zetto lock fists, as the screen fades to white and showing a panorama shot of TOME. Then it fades away. This ending is arguably more touching than episode 73, even with the Funny Anuerism cited above.

YMMV for the Continuity Reboot of TOME

  • Awesome Music: One of the definite highlights of TOME is Weston Durant's soundtrack - even though most of it was created for another, unrealized project, it still fits the series perfectly.
  • Base Breaker:
    • Flamegirl, big time. While some appreciate her Straight Girl personality and her secondary group of friends, others dislike that all of her development is focused on Alpha and find her even less substantial a character than him.
    • Rockoon's manic tendencies are either seen as rip-roaring hilarious or just downright annoying.
    • The execution of the Gemini Tournament was received as either a fun and climactic resolution to almost a year's worth of build up or a really rushed missed opportunity to highlight some fan-favorite supporting characters.
    • The redesigns of the main cast for season 2 have gotten very mixed reception as well.
  • Designated Villains: Many fans are confused about why the heroes hate the hackers so much, because they come off as more of a nuisance than an evil group. All they seem to do is destroy some graphics, and grief players from time to time. However Gamecrazed is shown repairing the graphics of one area with ease so it doesn't seem like much of a problem to fix. And even their griefing only seems annoying rather than evil, since even one of the main characters Kirbopher likes to "beat down chumps" in the same way. One of the minor characters actually points out that you can just ignore someone taking a "cheap shot" like that also. Which makes sense since the traveler's guide says you can flee battles, and you don't lose your rank in non-grid battles. Another big reason for this confusion is the moderators seem to think it's non-problem, or don't pay it any attention.
    • And now that three of them are waltzing into the upcoming Tournament Arc, it makes you wonder if they're even considered threats at all. At least one has the decency to be in disguise.
      • While Neomutant seems to be entering with no problems, Rockoon had to make a Palette Swap alternate character... Rackoon.
  • Ear Worm: Battle On!
    • The season 2 theme, "Heroes Don't Ask Questions" is also really catchy.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: NYLOCKE!
    • Episode 4 of the reboot has gotten Rockoon and Granda more popularity.
    • According to a poll conducted on the official Facebook page in the summer of 2012, both Nylocke and Kirbopher are more popular than Alpha, the ostensible protagonist.
    • Archy to some. Even though he's a minor character who was played up as a goofy newbie-like player from the get-go there was some very loud fan backlash to him being eliminated in the tournament so quickly which indicates he might be this. Some people apparently liked him a lot.
  • Fetish Fuel: In-Universe. Nylocke found the unique form of fighting between Gamecrazed and Splat very interesting, becoming "Nylocke, Dragon of Peaked Curiosities!"
  • Fridge Logic: For a Tournament Arc that has emphasized very deeply about teamwork, would only allow players to compete if they had partners, and even had the Webmaster gave an opening speech all about how the Gemini Tournament was about finding the best duo of players, it's bafling that Kirb had to "fight" Zetto and Kizuna without Archy with no given explanation. If there was some explicit stated reason like Archy couldn't get back on or Kirb purposely set himself up to die "to get this over with", it would be different, but there wasn't and it leaves questions of the confused kind.
    • The fact that Kirb purposefully threw the match because he and Zetto are the same person might have had something to do with it.
  • Ho Yay: There's some between Alpha and Kirbopher in the sense of The Rival and Vitriolic Best Buds. Also, Nylocke and Gamecrazed, as they always seem to be hanging around each other, since GC's first log-in, according to Nylocke. Gamecrazed is more than willing to take a hit for Nylocke, and Nye is always extremely concerned whenever something happens to GC. There's also Episode 6, "Dragon Drama", which includes GC sensing when Nye is troubled, Nye breaking his cherished persona and venting to GC, who understands completely and is nothing but supportive, Nye, when startled by Hyprelynx, jumping into Gamecrazed arms (who isn't fazed in the least), and, lastly, GC giving Nye his beta item, Drain Edge, and the two agreeing to be partners in the Gemini Tournement. Whew.
    • In the Short Rockoon's Modern Strife, Rockoon is obviously heart broken for being ditched by Doubling which in of itself is nothing but the entire short has Rockoon talking like a bitter ex who just got dumped making insulting nicknames for him, saying that he ditched him, and talking about he no longer needs anyone and is better off.
  • Jigsaw Puzzle Plot: It's easy to think of the show as this, considering that many major details (such as the mysterious cat/Kizuna/Tigerlilly, the Antivirus, Netking Software, and the ;Sanctuary region) were introduced but not explained until the Season 1 finale or Plan Z. Chances are, you have to watch the entire series multiple times in order to get the full effect. Some details still haven't been elaborated on as of Episode 12 (we've still got four more episodes to go).
  • Narm Charm: The lyrics to Battle On! are very cheesy, but they're enjoyable anyway. Chris Niosi has said it's meant to replicate the theme songs to 90's cartoons, so it's justified.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Alpha when he obtained the Forbidden Power, the scream included.
    • Ravenfreak being hit by the Forbidden Power, had Flamegirl not stopped Alpha, he probably would have died.
    • Alpha in episode 5 during his Demonic Possession. As well as everyone's reactions, the Curb-Stomp Battles, from start to finish.
  • Romantic Plot Tumor: Alpha and Flamegirl's relationship, to some.
  • Satellite Character: A common complaint about Flamegirl (and to a lesser extent Alpha) is that their appearances so far have revolved around the relationship between them.
  • Tear Jerker: Nylocke's breaking character and telling Gamecrazed how he truly feels.
    • Kirbopher findng out Alpha signed up for the Gemini Tournament without telling him and his reaction, as well as him failing to put up a facade that he was happy with the outcome
    • The bit we hear about Alpha's life outside of TOME.
    • Kirbopher snapping at Alpha for wanting to attack the DBuggers.com base and not just being a normal person playing a video game and involving themselves in shit that isn't their business to begin with. It ends with Alpha quietly saying that he's sorry, but he has to do it and Kirb threatens that things won't be the same if Alpha returns. Alpha can only walk away quietly.
    • Rockoon finally cluing in to who Skeight is after the latter finally gives up on him. He isn't just sad, he's absolutely devastated.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: The Gemini Tournament had been built up as an event since November 2012. Skip to September 2013. Its first episode rushes through two-thirds of the entire tournament with barely any breathers. The fights with the Official Couple are the only ones that can really be classified as actual fights, while the rest are either insanely one-sided and quick or overshadowed by hit-or-miss comedy bits. There's also all the character-specific subplots (Kirb and his new partner Archy, Rockoon and his "new" partner Skeight,etc.) that were potentially set up during the "Pre-Tournament Arc" of Episodes 5-7 but were either glossed over or completely forgotten in favor of annoying slice-of-life drama. The title for the first episode, "Yin", and the title for the second, "Yang", is also a possible indicator that the tournament will end in the next episode, making it shorter than the build up leading up to it. Tournament Arcs in shonen are usually quite long, but for TOME, this arc could've been properly paced to use all of the trope's strengths and avoid its faults.
    • Furthermore in the conclusion. A fight built up at the end of the first part and the following short is completely skipped, the remaining main character left in the finals throws the fight to make a rather cheezy point, and the tournament ends up having no stakes whatsoever, with an incredibly abrupt ending, making the entire lead-up to it feel like filler.

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