YMMV / The Young and the Restless

  • Alternative Character Interpretation: This causes a lot of the broken bases. Every character gets one. Is Victor a Magnificent Bastard/Noble Demon without whom the show would be nowhere, or is he a Villain Sue whom the show would better off not having? Is Jack completely justified in constantly trying to regain his family, or is he a loser trying to hold on to something he really should abandon? Even minor characters canít avoid this: Is Esther a really good friend to Katherine, her employer, or is Esther an annoying idiot, or both?
  • Award Snub: Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki) once jokingly referred to herself as "the non-nominated Susan Lucci", citing that Susan Lucci has at least been nominated for multiple Emmys (19), whereas despite having been on the show since 1979, she has one nomination to her name.
    • Ironically the only year she was nominated was the same year Susan Lucci finally broke her losing streak.
  • Awesome Music: "Nadia's Theme".
  • Broken Base: Almost everything and everyone on this show. The only things that are not base breakers are the fact that The Young and the Restless is a soap opera that they watch and that random background puppet at Crinsom Lights is creepy.
  • Designated Villain: Carmen Mesta, for filing charges against Dru after she breaks into her apartment and trashes it and later physically assaults her, angry over Carmen's fling with her husband Neil. Despite Neil outright witnessing Dru's crazed behavior, somehow Carmen was the bad guy in the whole mess when she had every right to press charges and be concerned for her safety.
  • Draco in Leather Pants: Quite a few of the most popular characters started out as villains, including Victor, Nina, Phyllis, Michael, Kevin and Chloe. They turned out to be popular with viewers so they were retooled by writers to be more likable, albeit still with an edge.
  • Informed Wrongness: Viewers got beaten over the head with this one during the Carmen/Neil/Dru storyline. Carmen and Neil entered into a completely mutual flirtation/fling while he was estranged from Dru after learning of her infidelity. When Dru discovered the relationship, she broke into Carmen's apartment and trashed it. Carmen promptly pressed charges, and when Dru physically assaulted her, she pressed charges about that too. From then on, every discussion of Carmen was as though she were some Fatal Attraction-type who had wickedly tried to seduce innocent, Happily Married Neil and had had Dru arrested purely to be vindictive.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Victor Newman.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: With no help from the writers what so ever, Sharon Newman. The character remains a fan favorite through some of the most infuriating, Squick inducing and reviled plot-lines, all due to Sharon Case's amazing ability to act above them. So less Rescued and more Refuses to Sink Into the Scrappy Heap.
  • Super Couple: Given it's a soap, quite a few but most famously Victor and Nikki's Pygmalion styled romance.
  • Tear Jerker: Jeanne Cooper's final scene as Katherine Chancellor before her death in May 2013.
    Jill: Do you want me to help you up the stairs?
    Katherine: I believe I can manage. Thank you, though. Good night.
  • Unintentionally Unsympathetic: At least as of 2013, the characters have had a nasty habit of believing the worst in others.
    • When Stitch was revealed to have killed his father, not even one character outside his family even bothered to consider other circumstances, vilifying him on the deed alone.
    • When Sharon was believed to have murdered several young adults, only a small handful of people considered she had been framed, with everyone else insulting or suspecting her at every turn.
    • When Avery was attacked and ravaged in an alley, she not only suspected Joe- she successfully convinced everyone else (including police chief Paul) of her stance with little proof. The only person who bailed Joe was the same who did for Sharon.
    • The show tried to push the lesson of the partiking in a woman's nude photo's leaked online without their permission makes the viewer just as despicable as the poster. A valid lesson, only problem, said victim is Hillary, who with her trashy gossip television show has ruined many of Genoa City's pillars reputations, and often resorting to blackmail to keep said information from airing. The poster of her photo Jordan, for that matter, does so in retaliation, after Hillary leaks his past as a reformed Conman purely out spite, damaging Chelsea's, another reformed con turned respected buisnesswoman, reputation as collateral. So while the message of leaking nude photos being bad is usually true, in this case it feels more like the lesson is paybacks a bitch.
    • And countless other examples.