YMMV / The Quest

TV Reality Show

  • Captain Obvious Reveal: To the shock of no one who has ever read a single fantasy story in their life, the Vizier is evil.
  • Elimination Houdini: After Christian is one of the losers in the first two challenges but isn't voted out, everyone agrees that if he loses again, it'll be time for him to go. Then he loses again and...is almost unanimously kept for no adequately explained reason. Luckily, he doesn't last much longer.
  • The Scrappy: Christian. By the third time he came in the bottom three and lost the second challenge, pretty much everyone wanted him to go.
  • Special Effect Failure: The special effects are a little shady because of the constraints the crew was under. Interviews with the cast and crew reveals that they tried to use as many Practical Effects as possible, such as using a projector for Verlox punching a giant crack into the castle wall, so that the Paladins have legitimate and spontaneous reactions to what they see. The later shot of a dragon flying and burninating a village in the distance is harder to explain; it's possible that the Paladins just saw fiery pyrotechnics and heard roaring in the far distance, and psychology did the rest.


  • What An Idiot: If Dobbs just had faith in Chris winning the tournament then he would have won the Golden Dragon rather than performing a heist that botched badly.