Awesome / The Quest

  • Crimson's 'freeze frame' attack on the home intruders in the first episode of Season 2. There is about one fight scene per episode, but this instance is definately the most creative.
  • Crimson and Disel's rematch at the end of Season 2. That's some genuine fight choreography, right there!
  • Bruce defeating Infernus in War Zone Part II. Is this really the same guy who started crying because of poor restaurant service in Season One?
    • The last episode of War Zone is full of these; the fights are excellent.

The Reality Show

  • Letitia's defeat of both Shondo (a professional cage fighter) and Andrew (a wrestler) in "Battle Dome"
  • Underdog Lina's victory over Shondo and Andrew in the finale.
  • Tell me you didn't thrill a bit when tthe Fates brought the other paladins back and told Lina that they were her army. I dare you.