YMMV: The King's Speech

  • Fandom Rivalry: Fans of the film look set to be duking it out with primary Oscar rival The Social Network partisans for years to come. Look for plenty of Award Snub accusations to fly.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The scene of Albert and Lionel bickering over St. Edward's chair — "People have carved their names in it!" — makes any scene featuring that chair, in any movie about British royalty (say, Elizabeth) automatically funnier.
  • Memetic Mutation: Bertie's Cluster F-Bomb speech is slowly becoming this.
  • The Woobie: The premise initially sounds fairly humorous, until you watch the film and realize how much Albert's Speech Impediment has robbed him of the ability to express himself. Not to mention his piss poor childhood.
    • To wit: for most of his life, pretty much his whole family except for his wife and children have either neglected him, physically abused him (including a nanny who would withhold food from him), belittled him, or made fun of the speech impediment that likely resulted from the crap they put him through. Then, in adulthood, after his brother abdicates to run off with a Nazi sympathizer, it falls to him to be the symbolic moral leader of England during World War II.
      • The nanny bit was somewhat exaggerated in the movie. IRL it was David whom the nanny pinched, and Bertie wasn't really denied food, but apparently developed anorexia all by himself. This didn't make his upbringing any more pleasant, though.