Funny / The King's Speech

  • "That is St. Edward's chair!"
  • After Lionel calls Albert's past physicians idiots:
    Albert: They've all been knighted.
    Lionel: Makes it official then.
    • Later in the film
    Albert: How can I thank you?
    Lionel: Knighthood?
    • Triply funny given the end credits, which indicates that Lionel was made a Commander of the Royal Victorian Order, which, though a high honor, does NOT entitle its holder to be called "Sir," i.e. Lionel was explicitly NOT knighted.
  • Or alternately: "Honey, I don't believe you've met... King George VI?"
    • Elizabeth's casual attitude through the whole scene.
      • This troper really wanted to be a fly on the wall to see what Lionel's wife was like after the royal couple left! You could just see that he was going to hear about it!
      • Elizabeth saying to Mrs. Logue, "that's ma'am, as in ham, not mum, as in palm." Of course, for decades, she came to be known as the Queen Mum.
      • It's ".. not Ma'am, as in Palm". Ma'am can be pronounced "Mam", correctly, or "Marm", incorrectly.
    • While Lionel and Bertie are hiding in the other room like a couple of trapped schoolboys:
    Bertie: "Logue, we can't stay here all day."
    Lionel: "Yes, we can!"
  • Lionel learns that Bertie doesn't stutter when he swears. Cue Cluster F-Bomb.
    • "And ...tits."
      • The swearing rampage elicited roaring applause from the L.A. Film School screening (which screenwriter David Seidler attended). And anyway, who doesn't like tits?
      • But tits doesn't even belong on the list!
      • Especially since, having ROARED out all the filthy vulgar language he can think of, he says "tits" in a completely normal, even polite voice.
      • From the same scene: "Defecation flows trippingly from the tongue."
      • Lionel's son, who's just heard his father's patient cursing up a blue streak from all the way upstairs, calling down to him in a concerned voice if everything's okay down there.
      • The exchange right before Bertie launches into his rant:
    Bertie: (having been asked to demonstrate some of the swears he knows) Well...bugger to you, you...beastly bastard.
    Lionel: Oh, a public school prim could do better than that.
    Bertie: (completely deadpan) Shit.
  • Or this:
    Lionel: Surely a Prince's brain knows what his mouth is doing.
    Bertie: You're not acquainted with any royal princes, are you.
  • At the very end of the movie:
    Lionel: You still stammered a little on the 'W's
    Bertie: I threw a couple in there, so they'd know it was me.
  • Lionel asking Bertie to swear more crudely.
    Lionel: Do you know the F-word?
    Bertie: Ffffffornication?
    Lionel: Oh, Bertie.
  • Both scenes in the elevator.
  • Bertie doing breathing exercises... lying on the floor, with his wife sitting on top of him.
    Lionel: And up goes Her Royal Highness... And down goes Her Royal Highness...
    • Elizabeth's reaction to the whole situation is chuckle-worthy too - she is entirely unruffled.
  • When Lionel tells Bertie to try singing, since he doesn't stutter when he sings to Camptown Races' tune:
    Bertie: You're bark-ing up the wrong tree now, Doc-tor, Doc-tor!
  • Logue and Bertie's first meeting:
    Lionel: When speaking with a prince, one waits for the prince to choose the topic.
    Bertie: Waiting for me to commence a conversation, one can wait a rather long wait.
  • If Logue is talking and it's not heartwarming, it's usually one of these.
  • The whole bedtime story, especially:
    Albert: And do you know what he turned into?
    Daughters: A handsome prince!
    Albert: A short-tailed albatross.
  • The final rehearsal, in which Bertie brings out almost every technique he's learned to get his speech across.
    In this... grave hour, fuck fuck fuck, perhaps the fateful in our history, bugger shit shit, (singing) I send to every household of my... (normal) a peoples, both at home and overseas... this message, (to the tune of Camptown races) dooh-dah, spoken with the same depth of feeling, dooh-dah-day (normal) to each one of you, as if I were able to shit FUCK BUGGER cross your threshold and speak to you... bloody well heard, bloody well heard, bloody well heard, myself! (Moving around the room, singing to the tune of the Sleeping Beauty Waltz) Foooor theeeee second time in the lives of most of us, we are...
  • Just before the final speech, King George mutters one of his tongue-twisters into the microphone. Elizabeth hastily reminds him to make sure that it's switched off (it is).
  • The final speech: if for no other reason than it's Beethoven playing over the speech. The very German Beethoven, whose music Hitler co-opted for the Reich, playing over the very British milieu. Doubles as a very low-key, very epic Take That!.
  • "Queen Wallis οf Baltimοre." "Unthinkable."