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YMMV: The Great Silence
  • Complete Monster: Loco is a psychopathic bounty hunter who spends the film hunting down a group of Mormons, with every intention of murdering them. When he practically takes a town hostage, Loco murders the sheriff to prevent his interference and when faced against the hero, Silence, Loco has an ambush set to cripple Silence before gunning him down and then shooting his love interest dead. He and his men proceed to murder every last one of the Mormons, with Loco smugly adding they'll collect the bounties nice and legally. His actions, in the end narration, are noted to have absolutely horrified society at large and precipitated the end of Bounty Hunting.
  • Lawful Evil: Loco remarks, several times, that he's never broken a single law. Other characters confirm this.

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