YMMV / The Big Sleep

The Film

  • Cant Unhear It: It's pretty hard to read the book and not imagine Humphrey Bogart's voice narrating.
  • Funny Moments: A Few, particularly for a film noir. Perhaps the most memorable is the three way phone conversation between Marlowe, Vivian and a confused policeman at the police station.
  • One-Scene Wonder:
    • The general appears in only one scene at the beginning of the film despite being an important background character for most of it.
    • Dorothy Malone as the bookstore clerk.
  • Values Dissonance: Marlowe requests that the bookshop girl take her glasses off while they share a drink. This would be considered quite rude today.

The Novel

  • Values Dissonance:
    • Marlowe and other characters are open with their disgust for homosexuals. They freely use homophobic slurs like "queen" and make jokes at their expense. After getting decked by a gay man, Marlowe asserts that it didn't hurt much because gay men "have no iron in their bones."
    • Geiger's pornography business is an underground criminal enterprise, and Marlowe is thoroughly disgusted by it.
    • Marlowe's alcoholism, to an extent. There are several times in the novel where he takes a swig either while driving or about to start driving, and neither he nor anyone else thinks anything of it.