YMMV / The Bachelor

  • Base-Breaking Character: Basically every contestant to some extent, including:
    • Some fans like Nick Viall as the Bachelor and felt he was a good choice after having been runner-up on two previous seasons. Other fans cannot stand him for being an Attention Whore who just wanted to extend his 15 Minutes of Fame. The fact that he and his winner (Vanessa) broke up not long after doesn't help.
    • Another Bachelor who much of the fanbase is divided on is Sean Lowe. Some fans loved him for being a Born Again Christian who refused to take advantage of the "fantasy suite" date, while others have criticized him for this reason, as he had had sex before, just not with his girlfriend (now wife).
    • Kaitlyn Bristowe received a lot of flack during her season because she slept with Nick Viall before the "fantasy suite" date, while others have referred to this as Slut-Shaming, and felt much of the hate was unwarranted.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Probably the best example would be Corinne Olympios during Nick's season. Although she was painted as the villain, she quickly became a fan-favorite with her over-the-top personality and crazy catchphrases.
    • Ashley S. from Chris Soules' season for her Cloud Cuckoolander personality.
    • Michelle Money and Courtney Robertson for being the Alpha Bitches during Brad Womack's and Ben Flajnick's seasons respectively.
  • Internet Backdraft: "STOP FILMING HER" became Bachelor Nation's rallying cry after Season 22 culminated in an excruciating 30-minute close-up of Bachelor Arie breaking up with original winner/new Bachelorette Becca. Many, many fans feel that it was unnecessarily grueling and humiliating, especially because Becca had to watch the footage live on national television.
  • Memetic Mutation: Men getting overly emotional on the series is referred to as "pulling a Mesnick", after Bachelor Jason Mesnick did so several times over his own season.
  • Money Shot: If female, someone who didn't get a rose is invariably shown crying on the way out.
  • The Scrappy: Several contestents and Bachelor/Bachelorette's for a multitude of reasons, but special mention goes to Bachelor Juan Pablo for being an incredible narcissist even by the shows standards. Then there are his comments that there would never be a Gay Bachelor/Bachelorette because it would be too "Perverted" for basic cable. Not to mention that he came off as offended the question was even asked.
  • Strawman Has a Point: The popularity of fan-favorite Peter Kraus during Rachel's season went downhill after he admitted he didn't know if he would feel ready to propose to her. Keep in mind, however, in the early seasons of the show, it was common for the Bachelor to not propose to his pick, and the contestants hardly spend any time with the Bachelor/Bachelorette by the time of the finale, and only go on a handful of dates at most.