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Drinking Game: The Bachelor
Drinking game for The Bachelor and its reality-TV spinoffs/copycats:

  • Take a drink every time the participants mention wanting to be with the girl/guy. Take another if he/she mentions wanting them.
    • Specifically for The Bachelorette, take a swig whenever said bachelorette mentions having a "connection" with one of the participants, or that they were "here for the wrong reasons". You'll be hammered.
  • Take a shot as soon as you hear "the most dramatic rose ceremony ever."
    • Specifically for The Bachelor, take a glass whenever a contestant who didn't get a rose starts crying. One extra shot for a closeup
  • Take a sip every time somebody declares s/he is, "Not here to make friends."
  • Take a sip every time someone says something awkward and the show plays its "awkward" music.
  • Take a sip for every girl who cries before something bad happens.
  • Take a sip whenever a seemingly normal person does something ridiculous.
    • Two if they do it while coming out of the limo in the first episode.
    • Three if they do it on a group date.
  • Take a sip any time Chris Harrison attempts to be "comforting".
    • Take two if he asks an insensitive question or makes a bastard suggestion.

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