YMMV / Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation

  • Bizarro Episode
  • Evil Is Sexy: Darla.
  • Hollywood Homely: At first appears to be played straight in The Next Generation in regards to Jenny, though at one point Heather tells Barry (who has been constantly ragging on Jenny) she's seen her naked in the shower rooms, and she's actually pretty hot. Barry is surprised... and very interested.
  • Narm: A large amount of the film. Examples include the stick whacking sequence, Jenny and Vilmer fighting for control of Vilmer's robotic leg with TV remotes, the bulk of the dinner sequence, Vilmer's finger point of doom, Leatherface's mannerisms after donning his female flesh suit, and Sean's death ("Please sir, you're scaring me!")
  • Retroactive Recognition: The blonde police woman is future WWE Diva Debra Marshall.
  • Sequelitis: Opinions vary on 2 and Leatherface, but most agree that the original series sunk hard at The Next Generation.