YMMV / t.A.T.u.

  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Some fans believe that Yulia is a Butch Lesbian who caters to Lena's every sexual need. Others believe she is a wild, fun-loving, man-eating heterosexual. Others believe she likes Anything That Moves or is the famous version of whichever Depraved Bisexual most recently broke their heart.
  • Anvilicious: The band were anything but subtle about the anti-abortion message in "White Robes".
  • Base Breaker: Dangerous And Moving/Lyudi Invalidy lost many fans since the musical style (and message) was very different and the girls were no longer supposedly lesbians. Many fans who could find one or two songs on that/those albums to appreciate were further displeased with Waste Management/Happy Smiles.
  • Foe Yay: The song "Friend or Foe" is often used for Foe Yay fanvids.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: They have quite a large fanbase in USA, South America and Japan.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: Their early antics would now net some a jail sentence in Russia. Thanks, Putin.
    • "Malchik Gay" especially is this after Julia said she'd condemn her son if he turned out gay.
    • Much of the reality show, t.A.T.u. v Podnesbesnoy becomes this as Julia tells manager Ivan Shapovalov time and time again that being forced to scream was damaging her voice.
    • Their last performance was in promotion of their first new song since Waste Management. They broke up days later.
  • Les Yay: Even after Lena and Yulia publicly admitted to not being genuine lesbians, they continued to kiss, hold hands, and otherwise behave affectionately during interviews and on stage.
    • Around 2005 they dropped this apart from the hand holding. During the reunion, their old kiss spot was somewhat brought back in the form of them hugging, and then gazing longingly at each other.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Yulia building a bomb in the "30 Minutes"/"Pol chasa" video after getting jealous about Lena being with a man, and subsequently blows up a children's merry-go-round. With Lena and the man on it at the time.
    • The "Beliy Plaschik/White Robe" video where Lena calls on a firing squad to shoot a pregnant Yulia, who was being held in a Detention Centre at the time (and is hinted to actually be innocent.) At the very end, a phone starts ringing before it fades to black, implying it was a call to confirm Yulia's innocence, happening a moment too late. Some fans speculate this video to be a continuation of "All About Us". The speculation is justified in an interview wherein Lena said that Waste Management shows the grim results of the problems brought up in Dangerous and Moving.
      • It's worth mentioning that as well as being the leader of a firing squad, Lena plays a prostitute and is probably sentencing someone to death when she is the one that's truly in the wrong.
    • In the "Nas Ne Dagonyat/Not Gonna Get Us" video, Yulia and Lena steal a large truck, which is slightly burning on the left side,) and run over a construction worker, played by their ex-producer Ivan Shapovalov. Foreshadowing anybody?
      • They also drive over themselves.
    • Of course in the uncensored version of the "All About Us" video, where Yulia shoots a man in the head after he throws her through a glass table and attempts to strangle her, on top of attempted rape.
      • He also happened to have bullets and a gun in his apartment. Make of that what you will.
    • In the "Snegopady/Snowfalls" video, Yulia and Lena drive on motorbikes through a town and various motorways at dangerous speeds. Attracting the attention of the police, they drive to escape from them. At the end of the video however they turn their bikes towards each other and drive straight into one another committing dual suicide.
    • In the "Lyudi Invalidi/Dangerous and Moving" video, Yulia and Lena lead a crowd of mindless people that are depicted to have no individuality and quite literally, follow the crowd, are led off of a great height of some sort, falling to their deaths.
    • In both the "Ne Ver' Ne Boisya", and the unreleased Clowns video, Yulia is briefly shown to be in handcuffs of some sort in a barbed-wire guarded imprisonment.
      • Also, a teddy bear is shown to be on fire. Who doesn't find that creepy?
  • One of Us: Usually Lena.
    • GLAMOUR Magazine: The Pair Of Triumph [April 2006]
    Question: "Do you practice some sports?"
    Yulia: At home, lifting barbells. I don't have special complex.
    Lena: At this subject I'm pretty lazy. It's easier for me to run around with the vacuum cleaner.
  • Signature Song: "All the Things She Said".
  • Unnecessary Makeover: Yulia gradually took a number of cosmetic procedures that have made her unrecognisable.
  • WTH, Casting Agency?: Sure, they're almost uncontended for the title of biggest international success of a Russian pop act, but in an age of institutionalised homophobia in Russia, people were left wondering why on earth they performed at the Sochi Olympics.