YMMV / Super Robot Wars Compact 2

  • Anticlimax Boss: As in the first Compact, both the normal final boss and True Final Boss of Galaxy Showdown can be obliterated in three or less attacks. The final bosses carry a barrier and shield respectively this time around to make things slightly more interesting, at least.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome:
  • It's Hard, So It Sucks: Most complaints about Compact 2 and Impact can be broken down to "it's hard", "it's slow", and in the case of Compact 2, "it's old-school SRW". Compact 2 (especially Cosmoquake) is said to be lacking in viable units, while Impact has the most difficult-to-earn "Skill Points" in the entire franchise.
  • Moe: Alfimi was already adorable, but The Inspectors cranks it Up to Eleven.
    • Creepy Child: Depending on who you ask, the anime might extend to this, too.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The Persoenlichkeit's strongest attack involves her familiars pinning down its target. Alfimi gets up close and personal, unsheathes the Lichkeit's katana and stabs the living shit out of it. Skewering motions make the sight of the attack painful, until you realize Time Stands Still during the attack, meaning the target isn't even feeling anything until afterwards.
  • OT3: You think Kyosuke will just settle for Excellen and not both her and a loli clone? Fanworks say you're wrong.
  • That One Level: The final scenario of Cosmoquake "Into the Quaking Cosmos" - players are faced against more than a dozen Dirad Battle Mecha Mooks with 18000 HP and 30% Hit Point Regenerationnote . After destroying eight of those, a large number of Einst Gemuet appear, including a level 60 Einst Regisseur, nearly twice the level of all enemies on the map. If that isn't enough, Machine Robo enemies pop up when players end their fifth turn. Topping it off is a map that is rather huge with a 20-turn limit, resulting in a very uphill battle if players didn't properly prepare before reaching this scenario. Players can Level Grind by using the "game over trick", but doing so will likely put the True Final Boss out of reach.
  • What an Idiot: Gai Daigoji in the first Martian Successor Nadesico mission of Impact.
    • You'd expect: For Gai to stay close to the Nadesico, as Aestivalis units guzzle energy and the battleship in question can quickly recharge it.
    • Instead: Being who he is, Gai charges headlong towards the Jovian Lizards and burns all his Aestivalis' energy just getting there, therefore becoming unable to move, thus requiring Akito Tenkawa, in his own Aestivalis, and eventually the Gundor team to bail him out.