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YMMV: Suikoden V
  • Awesome, but Impractical: The Falena's Finest Unite attack. It is, to date, the only 6-person Unite in the series, and involves some of the strongest characters in the game, with the Prince, Lyon, Georg, Miakis, Kyle, and Galleon taking part. It deals 0.2 to 0.4 damage (depending on the average affection points of the non-Prince characters involved) to all enemies, which is a lot more than it sounds like given that that damage involves 6 people and is spreading the damage to the entire enemy group. So why is it impractical? Because your only chance to use it is when retaking Sol-Falena, which has only boss encounters with one or two enemies. You can't use it before OR after that, since Georg is only in the team with the rest of Falena's Finest for that brief window (joining shortly before that and splitting off from the Prince's group shortly after that).
    • You can use it in a New Game+ however thanks to Georg being a permanent party member after retaking Sol Falena though the trope still applies because Georg is a Glass Cannon against the Final Boss.
  • Base Breaker: Sialeeds - specifically, her betrayal of her nephew, the Prince. While both sides agree she was a Well-Intentioned Extremist, they disagree on whether her actions were necessary, or if her reasons for doing so were convincing (as seen in the comments section in the preceding link, and here as well).
  • Evil Is Cool: After the Face-Heel Turn Sialeeds goes from a passable yet vastly outclassed magician/long range fighter to... err, okay so she doesn't get that much of a powerup, but she definitely didn't have that much HP when she was in the party nor could use her lame Wind Rune to restrain the whole party while she flees.
  • Fridge Horror: Visit Rainwall after the end of the Godwin occupation and talk to some of the NPCs. These people have clearly been put through trials of their own.
    • Likewise when you'll visit Doraat after you liberate it the second time. The town is significantly less populated than the last time you were there, given that Childerich led a ruthless mass-slaughter of innocent civilians and everybody is completely shell-shocked and morose.
  • Game Breaker: The Magic Absorb Rune, and Viki's Chain Magic skill.
    • Once you understand how to uses them in army battles, the Beavers prove to be quite lethal: it is enterely possible to sink 40-50% of the ships with the one beaver unit: that means that more than 6.000 trained soldiers where slaughtered by one hundred armed beavers: you don't mess with Falena's Beaver.
    • Zerase. She has a powerful rune that allows her to rain immense amounts of damage on the enemies, has enough magic to cast the more powerful spells an adequate number of times, joins automatically as part of the story, and comes pretty early too.
      • To quote a rather amusing comment from a walkthrough; "If you equip her with a Magic Absorb Rune on her right hand and a Flowing Rune on her left, the game will basically just give up and let you win."
    • Richard can block, counter or dodge almost all physical attacks in the game. Don't bring him along if the boss mainly uses magic though, as he will most likely die.
      • Give him a Firefly Rune and you can breeze through most battles.
    • Georg Prime has great stats and starts out with a rune that increases his critical rate and gives him a small chance of instantly killing enemies. There's a reason the game significantly limits your ability to actually put him in your party.
    • Ernst's Beast Rune has his second skill where everyone gets an Unbalance status. It works 100% even at the Final Boss.
  • Kick the Dog: You'd think it was bad enough that Gizel was directly/indirectly responsible for the deaths of Queen Arshtat and her husband, Ferid, but he doesn't even allow Lymsleia time to grieve before he and his father move in and take over Sol Falena. Though he does observe the period of mourning, for the sake of appearances. The real kicker is when he forces Lymsleia to go through with her coronation, by threatening to kill Miakis if she didn't comply.
    • Gizel also does this to Miakis, at several points, by using her guardianship of Lymsleia as leverage, to keep her in line. See the related entry on the Break the Cutie page for the details.
  • Kick the Son of a Bitch: There was much cheering when Sialeeds blasts Salum with the Twilight Rune and kills him instantly.
  • Les Yay: Cathari is heavily implied to have been in a relationship with Lucretia at one point, and Lelei is implied to currently be in a relationship with her.
  • Magnificent Bastard: The Godwins try so hard to achieve this... and so do the Barrows, though they don't quite make it.
    • And then there was Sialeeds, who managed to outwit everyone when it came to politics. When Gizel dies, he outright states that she's the only one who got exactly what she wanted. Boy was he right.
  • Memetic Badass: Georg Prime, the Chuck Norris of Suikoden universe.
  • Moral Event Horizon:
    • Zahhak crosses it when he burns a town filled with Godwin sympathizers simply to provide a distraction to allow his army to escape.
    • Marscal Godwin crosses it when he orders Dolph to burn down Beaver Lodge.
    • Dolph crosses it when he stabs his Forgotten Childhood Friend Lyon with a poisoned knife that almost kills her.
    • Salum Barrows crosses it when it is revealed that the Lordlake Rebellion was sparked off by his building a dam near the town. When citizens staged a peaceful protest, his son panicked and ordered his garrison to attack. Salum took advantage of the chaos by slipping some of his agents into the crowd (now moving towards Sol-Falena to tell the Queen) and had them steal the Dawn Rune, framing Lordlake and Lord Rovere for the theft. This led to Queen Arshtat nuking Lordlake. Not to mention Lord Rovere and his family being executed.
      • What's more horrifying is that he actually crossed it before all this as it was Salum Barows who had primarily convinced Princess Falzrahm to try and steal the throne from her older sister Shahrewar, the rightful heir. His machinations for power led to the Succession Conflict where a lot of people died, including his oldest son and his cousin Kauss, who was Falzrahm's husband. Given that everything listed above occurred after the Succession Conflict, it's pretty safe to say that Salum never learn his lesson about what happens when he tried to make power grabs.
  • Player Punch: So, so many. No Suikoden game is complete without them
  • The Scrappy: Roy has the traditional Star of Scrappies, Chizoku.
  • That One Level: The Very Definitely Final Dungeon, where you have to split into three parties and constantly switch among them to advance through the dungeon. Also the Deep Twilight Forest, with a lot of twists and hidden paths, expect to get lost here easily.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: Getting Roy's Heroic Sacrifice, the Crowning Moment Of Awesome for the entire game, locks out the best ending, leading to the death of the girl he loves, and who he sees as he dies. "Wasted" doesn't begin to describe it; more like "machine-gunned it and left it in a ditch."
  • Viewer Gender Confusion - Many players thought that the prince was a chick when they first saw the cover. It doesn't help that his clothes look like ones that women would usually wear.
  • What Do You Mean, It's Not Symbolic?: Depending on the culture, a rose tattoo symbolises anything from love and beauty, to connotations of being a prostitute. It's fair to say, Nifsara probably falls somewhere in the middle.

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