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YMMV: Sixteen Candles
  • Crosses the Line Twice - Unfortunate Implications: The shockingly racist portrayal of Long Duk Dong, whose scenes always open with a stereotypical "Chinese Gong." And that's the least offensive element that John Hughes incorporated into his character.
    • Dude, She's Like in a Coma is eventually sorta averted, but the movie implies a couple of times that there's nothing wrong with screwing unconscious people. First Jake wonders why he doesn't feel like going upstairs to have sex with the unconscious Caroline - it's not because that would be rape, it's just because he isn't into her anymore - and then he lets Ted drive her home, still unconscious, as a favor. Why else would taking a drunk girl home be a fun thing to do?
      • To be fair though - Caroline apparently finds something enjoyable in the experience. In fact she seems a little bemused by how much she enjoyed it. Seeing how Anthony Michale Hall turned out she'd be wise to hang on to Ted.
      • Yeah, that doesn't make it better, since it basically plays into the old "Not If They Enjoyed It" Rationalization. If Caroline was too drunk to consent, Ted is a rapist, period.
      • Actually, Jake never actually says he's ever taken advantage of Caroline in this state, he just says he could. He may have even been playing things up in front of Ted.
    • As well as the casual throwing around of 'fags' when these days 'sissy' or 'lamer' would be have been used instead for censorship. Never mind that it's still a pretty common insult to get under one's skin quickly in middle and high schools.
    • Almost everything listed above is essentially a more recent instance of Values Dissonance than most examples (still doesn't excuse it in the slightest, though).
  • Modern Minstrelsy: Again, Long Duk Dong.
  • The Woobie: Sam. Her entire family forgets her 16th birthday because they're so focused on her older sister's wedding, and she's in love with Jake Ryan, who doesn't even know she exists.

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