Heartwarming: Sixteen Candles

  • Samantha's parents' apologies to her for missing her birthday:
    • Mr. Baker comes and chats with her after his apology, and assures her that if Jake doesn't see her for everything beautiful he can see in his daughter, then he's not worth it.
    • Mrs. Baker's mea culpa (which was demanded by the actress Carlin Glynn in an effort to avert the Informed Attribute trope and prove her character is a good mom) where she was in tears for not getting the hint about her daughter's birthday. They then bond over Mike being a little ass.
  • Mr. Baker giving the ok for Sam to go with Jake, instead of the reception. Perfect aversion of Overprotective Dad.
  • Caroline and Jake's break up: it's very amicable and they've admitted they don't have much stake in the relationship and wish each other the best.
  • Jake picking Samantha up: he really does want you, Samantha, and he's taking Cinderella from the ball.
    • Later, their mini-celebration over cake:
      Jake: Happy birthday, Samantha. C'mon, make a wish.
      Sam: It already came true. (both lean in to kiss)
  • Values Dissonance aside, the morning-after convo that Farmer Ted and Caroline share count as this.
  • Little Sara Baker's retort to Mike in defense of Sam.
    Mike: Who'd marry her?
    Sara: (blithely) Mr. T
  • Samantha chatting with Ginny and wishing her a great marriage before the bride faints and Hilarity Ensues.