YMMV / Seven Soldiers

  • Awesome Art: Pretty much the entire modern series is beautiful, but special mention must go to Seven Soldiers #1, where Williams manages to flawlessly mimic all seven other artists involved, switching between each style on a dime.
  • Ethnic Scrappy: Wing. Poor fellow stuck with a Gonk face and not being counted as a full member even though he showed up for every single adventure!
    • And he stopped the Nebula Man at the cost of his life. But hey, the white guys finally promoted him to full membership posthumously.
  • Iron Woobie: Most of the 2005 team go through utter hell before their stories are out, but does this stop them?
  • Jerkass Woobie: Sally Sonic is introduced to the readers as a callous bitch who seduces normal married men into fulfilling their power fantasies and abandoning their wives. Then we find out she used to be a sweet young girl who gained superpowers and immortality and, despite trying to do good, had to watch as everyone she loves died. She was forced into an abusive orphanage because no one believed she was in her 20s. Then, when she escapes, she gets used and abused by a hero named Vitaman who succeeds in breaking her and brainwashing her with Doctor Hyde's Evil Serum as part of a convoluted revenge scheme. Although her tragic story does make her sympathetic to a degree, Bulleteer loses any sympathy she might have had for Sally after she tries to kill her, ultimately knocking her unconscious with a car engine.
  • Narm: The Anti-Life Equation as revealed in this series is idiotic pseudomathematical gibberish that it's pretty much impossible to believe could drive anybody into abject despair.
  • Tear Jerker: The story of Newsboy Army
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: This trope seems to be one of the themes of Grant Morrison's Seven Soldiers. Many interesting characters and ensembles are introduced and then killed, corrupted or deconstructed without really living up to their narrative potential, usually with Lampshade Hanging or meta-commentary on the comics industry accompanying it.
    • A lot of readers actually liked the Sacrificial Lamb team in Seven Soldiers #0, and were sad when they died at the end.
    • Newsboy Army of Nowhere Street and the Knights of Broken Table go down with their deeds left unsung.
    • Ironically, this happened to many of the main characters themselves. Then again, Morrison might have expected it...