Trivia / Seven Soldiers

  • Milestone Celebration: The return of the original Seven Soldiers was in Justice League of America #100.
  • Production Posse: The artistic team on Morrison's version of the Seven Soldiers included Yanick Paquette, Cameron Stewart, Frazier Irving, and J.H. Williams III, all of whom are frequent collaborators with his other works.
  • What Could Have Been: Subverted after thirty years — a Seven Soldiers story for Leading Comics #15 where the team travel through a "Land of Magic" was written, but the comic book itself ended up being completely retooled into a Funny Animal comic. In 1975, DC discovered the script and produced the story for Adventure Comics #438-443. Details here.
    • The Morrison series started production as an Alternate Company Equivalent to The Avengers, specifically the idea of a bunch of B-list characters all coming together. There's still some clear remnants of it in the lineup (Guardian to Captain America, Zatanna to Scarlet Witch, Mr. Miracle to Thor, Shining Knight to Black Knight, The Spider to Hawkeye). Also, Klarion's role would originally have been filled by Etrigan (with him being a counterpart of the Hulk), Frankenstein would have been Martian Manhunter (Vision), and Zatanna would have been Enchantress.