YMMV / Romeo & Juliet: Sealed with a Kiss

  • Creator's Pet: Kissy Fish. Marginally justified by her being voiced by the creator's daughter, and the fact that there's only one creator.
  • Critical Research Failure: The film assumes that "wherefore" means "where" when in actuality, it means "why."
  • Esoteric Happy Ending: In the end, The Prince meets and marries another elephant seal. But considering heís been established as a jealous, violent tyrant with no redeeming qualities who threatens to eat other characters for minor snubs, things donít look too good for her.
  • Most Annoying Sound/Narm: The seals all crying at the two title character's funerals...which is a bunch of loud seal roaring.
  • No Yay: Juliet with the Prince, given that the former looks like a young pup.
  • The Scrappy:
    • Kissy the Kissing Fish for being overly cute and contributing little to the plot.
    • The Prince is ugly, has an obnoxiously deep and cartoony voice, and gets a pointless and badly-written song.
    • Mercutio is probably the most hated of all, for making all sorts of annoying jokes (some of which are racist jokes).
  • So Okay, It's Average: People seem to appreciate it for the Doing It for the Art aspect, but it gets called out for its obvious low budget and Strictly Formula plot.
  • Special Effects Failure: While the bulk of the film is done with surprisingly good hand-drawn animation for a low-budget, indie animated feature, there are a couple parts where Nibbelink blatantly cuts corners by moving or stretching static cut-out drawings of the characters in flash, which is very jarring and embarrassingly crude looking compared to how fluid the bulk of the films animation is. There is also the very crude CGI used in the shark chase sequence.
  • Squick: Both of the titular leads look like young pups, which makes it very awkward when they kiss and make bedroom eyes at each other.
  • Tastes Like Diabetes: Lots of places, but Kissy the Kissing Fish is the best example, given that she's voiced by the director's daughter with unscripted dialogue.
    I don't like stinky babies! Pee-yew! *giggles* Can I be your baby? I mean your STINKY baby!