YMMV / Rivers of London

  • Genius Bonus: Loads of them. Almost Once A Page.
  • Acceptable Targets: The Author makes it pretty clear he believes Scottish people are a bonafide acceptable target.
    • The Daily Mail also gets the piss taken out of it on a bookly basis, usually by having Peter snark about how their current case is going to be presented by The Mail as being the fault of immigrants/muslims/irish travellers/violent youth culture/etc.
  • Moe: Molly the maid, and the revelation of her backstory in book two just makes it worse. If you don't want to give her a hug after that then you may have a heart of stone.
  • One-Scene Wonder: Prior to book six, the Faceless Man appeared in person exactly two times, for one scene each. Both of these scenes were some of the most awesome, snarky-funny and plot-relevant scenes in the entire series.
  • Padding: Foxglove Summer and, to a lesser extent, Whispers Under Ground. They contribute next to nothing to the overall plot, except for the scenes in Whispers Under Ground concerning Woodville-Gentle. Especially egregious in the case of Foxglove Summer, which came right after a huge Cliffhanger.
    • Could be argued that while Foxglove Summer doesn't do much to advance the Faceless Man's story, it does advance Peter's. Foxglove Summer is where his relationship with Beverly deepens (to the degree in The Hanging Tree where they refer to one another as boyfriend and girlfriend) as well as him dealing with the feelings of betrayal from Lesley. Better to consider it a Breather Episode which gives Lesley time to develop as a threat to Peter in magical skills.
    • Moreover, they do accomplish a lot for the ongoing "Peter learns about the magical world's scope" storyline, expanding his familiarity with the demimonde in and beyond London.
  • Rewatch Bonus: For the first novel, the Bonus is spotting the occasions when Pyke/Punch slips up and voices an un-Lesley-like remark, or when she's told about police plans thus giving the revenant a chance to sabotage or circumvent them. For book three, it's watching Peter's interactions with Leslie, and knowing that the acceptance he shows her is probably contributing to her not letting the Faceless Man kill him when he's tased and helpless at the end of book 4.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: The Reveal that Molly is simply a kind of fae seems kind of disappointing after four books full of hints and the Nightmare Fuel that was the Pale Lady.
    • Assuming that the fae in question and Pale Ladies aren't actually one and the same, that is: the PL from book 2 presumably came from somewhere, after all.
    • This also raises the question of why none of the Rivers told Peter what he was up against in Foxglove Summer despite at least Father Thames' boys obviously knowing what Pale Ladies are. Possibly Mother Thames's daughters only know about the urban side of the demimonde, and the Pale Lady's kind are more rural.
  • Wangst: Yes, Peter, Leslie betrayed you. No, Peter, you do not have to mention that she tasered you in the back of the neck every few paragraphs.