Funny / Rivers of London

  • Lesley getting so blitzed on her first visit to the coppers' bar after her injuries that she tries to shove her hand down Pater's pants when he brings her home, all the while berating him that Gandalf, Merlin, and other fictional wizards could definitely out-drink him.
  • Peter chasing Zachary down a busy city street dressed only in an open-backed hospital gown, causing the crowds to dive out of his way on the assumption he's an escaped lunatic. Except, possibly, for whomever it was who let out a wolf whistle.
  • Peter, Kumar and Reynolds nab Stephen the Quiet Person at an underground station, only to realize none of them brought along any handcuffs. It's an embarrassing-enough oversight that Stephen starts snickering. And then Peter forgets them again at the novel's end, when the culprit is apprehended.