YMMV / Rain Man

  • Crowning Music of Awesome: The soundtrack is full of it, some of which is still fun to listen to. "Iko Iko" (by the Belle Stars) and "Las Vegas" are standouts. The music itself is brought to us by the one and only Hans Zimmer.
  • Glurge: Despite the general positive reception of the movie and awesome Oscar-winning acting on the part of Dustin Hoffman, for many autistic people, the movie's much more Glurge then anything else. The simplistic portrayal of autism in the movie, and the way it's used as a plot device to teach the "neurotypical" protagonist not to be a Jerk Ass, make it guaranteed Flame Bait on many autistic support forums.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Any time Raymond freaks out.
    • Charlie tries to force Raymond to go on a plane, even after he insists that there's a real risk that it'll crash. But just before they board it, Ray screams bloody murder and hits himself on the head repeatedly (which is something most autistic people do when they're scared or nervous), and it's absolutely terrifying, which forces Charlie into not taking the plane.
  • Oscar Bait: Not the first to portray autism, but some say it's a cynical example of one.
  • Shown Their Work: Dustin Hoffman's acting as an autistic is very close to how some autistics are in real life. Since classification of autism has always been very difficult, it may be that the movie has changed who gets classified as autistic instead of other similar disorders like Rett syndrome. Thus making it seem more accurate than it really set out to be (the movie only had 3 weeks of research). Proof of the difficulty of classification is that if a child cannot be pigeon holed into a disorder, they are often classified as PDD-NOS or an atypical autistic.
  • Seinfeld Is Unfunny: Perhaps due to Autism being better-known these days, some people (even autistics) find the movie pretty unremarkable despite the hype alongside The Rain Man stereotype.