YMMV / Prom Night III: The Last Kiss

  • Complete Monster: After escaping hell, Mary Lou Maloney kills a janitor who was one of her ex boyfriends. She seduces a teenage boy named Alexander, who already has a girlfriend, and kills a teacher for giving Alexander bad grades, and puts a strain on his relationship with Sarah, and kills a guidance counselor for being suspicious. Mary later kills Alex's rival Andrew, which prompts Alex to reject Mary. In retaliation, she kills his best friend Shane and frames him. When Alex rejects Mary again, she plans to kill Sarah at the prom. When Alex rushes to save her, Mary agrees to spare her, if he goes to hell with her and be her prom king for eternity. When Sarah seemingly manages to rescue Alex, Mary gives them both a false Hope Spot before killing Sarah.
  • Designated Hero: Alex has cheated on his girlfriend repeatedly with Mary-Lou, helped assist Mary-Lou in her many murders by covering them up, feels no remorse for all the deaths caused by her and is only worried about how it will affect him, treats everyone around him like crap, and is genuinely just an awful person. He's so awful throughout the film, it makes it quite difficult to sympathize with him and instead easier to root for Mary-Lou when she drags him down to hell, seeing it more as him getting his just desserts rather than a Downer Ending.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Mary Lou, thanks to the various skimpy outfits she wears.
  • Ho Yay: Between Alex and Shane, as repeatedly pointed out by Phelous in his review.
    Phelous: Our main dumbass is Alex, and he's got a tugh choice now - spending the summer with his girlfriend, or his best friend, who he has a totally heterosexual relationship with!