YMMV / Missing in Action

  • Awesome Music: Jay Chattaway's soundtrack is pretty damn impressive, especially the main titles.
  • Complete Monster: Colonel Yin from The Beginning is the sadistic Vietnamese commander of the POW camp James Braddock is sent to. Holding onto his prisoners for years, Yin mistreats and routinely tortures the prisoners of the camp, a favorite tactic of his being to play Russian Roulette with his prisoners, usually bluffing but only to fool all the prisoners for when he actually does execute one. Killing all those who try to escape, Yin is determined to completely break Braddock and force him to confess to imaginary war crimes, with the intent to kill every American POW once he's satisfied with breaking down Braddock. Yin tries a multitude of ways to try to break Braddock: lying about his wife's remarriage; forcing a sack over his head with a savage rat inside; and giving a fatal injection of opium to a fellow prisoner dying of malaria—whom Yin had promised to save—before lighting him on fire in front of Braddock's eyes. Yin happily kills anyone he no longer has use for, executing a photographer who stumbles across the camp and shooting down his partner in an opium cartel to acquire his helicopter. A near-emotionless tyrant of a man, all the atrocities of the Vietnam War were perfectly highlighted within Yin.
  • Just Here for Chuck Norris: Chances are people watch this film just to see Chuck Norris kick NVA/PAVN ass.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Soon-Tek Oh and James Hong playing the Big Bads in the series; both actors would later appear in the Disney film Mulan.
  • Narm: Braddock jumps off a tower holding a couple of grenades. Said tower explodes for no reason.note 
  • Sequelitis: The series gets progressively worse with each installment.
  • Serial Numbers Filed Off: The first two films are based on James Cameron's original script for Rambo: First Blood Part II but Cannon rushed their film into production and changed enough material to avoid a lawsuit from Rambo's producers.
  • Signature Scene: Chuck Norris rising out of the water, everyone?