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Trivia: Missing in Action

  • Backed by the Pentagon: Like many other Vietnam War movies shot in the Philippines, the series received assistance from the Armed Forces, who lent the military vehicles used in the movies.
  • Fatal Method Acting: During a production shoot on location in the Philippines for the third film, a Philippine Air Force helicopter hired by the Cannon Film Group crashed into Manila Bay killing four Filipino soldiers and wounding five other people, including a member of the film crew.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: David Lo Pan becomes a Vietnamese general.
  • Sequel First: Missing In Action 2: The Beginning was actually made (under the title Battlerage) before Missing In Action, but Cannon decided the latter was a case of an Even Better Sequel and released that first. This is why the writing credits for the first film, in perhaps the ultimate case of They Just Didn't Care, have a "Based on characters created by..." credit.

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