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YMMV: Metal Fight Beyblade
  • Awesome, but Impractical: In the DS Metal Masters game, Pisces' Distortion Drive. It teleports above the opponent from anywhere in the stadium to deal Death from Above. Seems like a Game Breaker so far...Only the Instant Runes emerging under the opponent make it VERY easy to predict and counter with a special move.
  • Bowdlerise: "Killer" was renamed as "Evil" in America for predictable (though nonetheless practical) reasons. "Basalt Horogium" was renamed to "Twisted Tempo" by Nelvana and Hasbro for unknown reasons, while Giraffe was replaced with Zurafa. Additionally, Masamune's Ray Unicorn is now "Ray Striker", even though a unicorn is clearly portrayed on the face bolt. Then there's Gravity Perseus, which was given the horribly generic name of Gravity "Destroyer". It doesn't help that the episode it appears in clearly references "Perseus", the hero from Greek legend who slew Medusanote .
  • Cargo Ship / Foe Yay: Daidouji and cacti. Says he hates them, but keeps a bunch of them in his office.
  • Cool But Inneficient: Most late game Attack and Defense-types in Evolution due to their low Stamina, in heavy contrast to how they are in the anime. But the worst offender is Bakushin Susanow 90 WF, which has great attack and solid defenses for an Attack-type, but zero stamina, meaning it better get a Stadium Out in two hits, other wise it's a Sleep Out.
  • Creator's Pet: Masamune can be this for him being a new addition to the cast in Metal Masters, coming in to an established cast, generally acting obnoxious, loud, and arrogant.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Sora Akatsuki is popular despite few appearances.
  • Ho Yay: Benkei and his case of obsessive Fangirl toward Kyoya. You can also make a case for Yu and Kenta.
    • Also the first time Ginga saw Tsubasa. It looked he was seeing Tsubasa in Fangirl vision with the Bishie Sparkle and all.
    • Hyoma seemed kind of jealous of Kyoya when Ginga announced he was his no. 1 rival.
    • If you must know, this is an anime screenshot.
    • Yu and Tithi. He clung to Yu like a Distressed Damsel when Kyoya was bullying him. And he's always saying that he only goes to places if Yu's coming.
  • Launcher of a Thousand Ships: Ginga, often to Memetic Sex God levels. He's been shipped with Madoka, Hikaru, Masamune, Kyoya, Ryuuga, Kenta, Hyoma... and the list just keeps on going.
  • Narm: In the English version, Hyoma's Not So Stoic moment as Reiji destroys Aries is... not particularly sad...
  • Recycled Script: The episode Rock Scorpio's Deadly Poison is a retelling of the first two episodes (Pegasus Has Landed! and Leone's Roar).
    • A gang of bullies are going around tormenting younger and inexperienced bladers. One of those bladers just happens a cute kid around the age of 10. One of the heroes enter the town and tries to defend the cute kid.
    • All Rock Scorpio's Deadly Poison does is replaces Kyoya with Busijima, has Sora take Kenta's role, with Kenta himself taking Gingka's role (Gingka still appears, but not in the major role he did in Pegasus and Leone).
  • So Bad, It's Good: The whole voice acting and emoting in the English dub. Especially the laughably bad translations and strained expressions.
  • Traumatic Vocal Evolution: Notice how Benkei's voice is much deeper, cooler, and menacing in the first episode of the dub? Following his self-induced Groin Attack in episode 2 by falling on a steel girder, it changes into that squeaker, goofy, and grating voice we're used to hearing. Guess he did some permanent damage to his boys with that one. Fridge Horror, anyone?
  • That One Attack: In the Metal Masters DS game, Lightning Sword Flash and Gemios Downburst with insane priority and spammable on top of everything. That One Attack on the receiving end, Game Breaker on the dishing end.
  • That One Boss: The DS games have them in Van for Metal Fusion and Agito for Metal Masters. Van's Belzebrute has insane Stamina and Dark Stream as a special move, which is an instant Crash Out thus giving him 3 points out of 4 needed to win, so if he uses it and has even if one win against you, game over. Agito's Nightmare Rex has insane range with King's Roar, a shockwave with range only rivaled by Capricorn's Sniper Shot, which will most likely wittle your bey's stamina down with constant hits unless you can either get out of its range or hit Nightmare Rex as it readies the move. And even closing in isn't a 100% safe strategy as Agito can still hit you with Nova Strike. And god help you if you're playing with Mei-Mei, Hikaru or Ryutaro.
  • The Scrappy: Team Garcia, for mixing Combat Pragmatist with Dirty Coward. Not even their backstory, which averts Heartwarming Orphan, is enough to earn them a pass for most of the fanbase.
    • To some, it's the fact that they tried to pull off the Heartwarming Orphan routine to justify their acts. Because having a sympathetic backstory is supposed to make you instantly forgivable, right?
    • And among the whole group, Enzo stands out due to bratty personality and the nerve-grating "Amazing,huh?"
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Though nobody gets mistaken for a girl in the series, Ryuutaro, Teru and Jack all have some very feminine looks. And Tsubasa's first appearance was complete with the sparkles that are usually reserved for pretty girls.
    • It's to the point that almost every other dude has feminine looks, particularly long hair and bared midriffs. A lot of them look more like women then the actual women.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: The Metal Masters DS game has Team Starbreaker and Team Garcia's Beyblades, but the actual characters aren't playable. Dark Poseidon is also featured but Bakin isn't playable, despite Helios being a playable character. The same also goes for the Manga-Only Divine Chimera TR 145 FB and Mercury Anubius 85 XF from 4D.
  • The Woobie: Many characters have at least one moment like this. Mainly, Ginga after we find out about his backstory.
    • Also Tsubasa. Poor, poor Tsubasa...
  • Woolseyism: Watarigani's Cancer Beyblade (named for the constellation that resembles a crab) was renamed "Gasher" in the North American franchise, probably so people wouldn't think of the "other" kind of "cancer" (especially since Watarigani is a rival)...

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