YMMV / Little Britain

  • Deader Than Disco: A borderline case. In the early-mid 2000s the series was very popular, and many will still admit to liking (albeit probably not loving) the radio series and the first TV series. However, everything else after that now tends to be regarded as total crap, and a major contributor to the blacklash against the classic Brit Com format later in that decade.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: This show is quite popular in Germany.
  • Ho Yay: Sebastian, the prime minister's right hand man. Come on, guys!
  • Memetic Mutation: Virtually every single catchphrase in the show was this for a while between 2003 to 2008.
  • One-Scene Wonder: Boris the Russian babysitter, from episode eight of the first season.
  • Moment of Awesome: If the audience's reaction is anything to go by, it's the PM and Gregory kissing in season 3.
    • Any time someone puts Marjorie Dawes in her place.
    • Computer says "Yes!"
  • Recycled Premise: The show has been criticized for ripping off the surreal and grotesque humour found in The League of Gentlemen, of whom Lucas and Walliams are both fans and friends. That said, League of Gentlemen member Mark Gatiss served as one of the co-writers on series 1.
  • Retroactive Recognition: Andy's new caretaker Mrs Mead is Dolores Umbridge.
  • The Scrappy: Nearly any character introduced after series 1 has had a pretty frigid reception compared to the series 1 characters, due to the series' increasing dependence on shock-humour. Carol Beer was the major exception, with "computer says no" and variants thereof achieving Memetic Mutation status for a while, and Sir Norman Fry was considered somewhat amusing by the standards of series 3, albeit the "sleazy Tory" stereotype that he embodied was getting old even in 2005.
  • Subbing vs. Dubbing: In Austria, Little Britain is shown with subtitles. In Germany, it's dubbed. But: the dubbing is done by comedians Oliver Welke and Oliver Kalkofe, who used to have a similar radio show.
  • The Woobie: Lou. He's little more than a slave to Andy and has at one point had to risk his life for the ungrateful lout. Here's his to-do list. Check out the last line.
    • The fatfighters take a lot of abuse. They stand up to Majorie and leave in the series 2 finale, but are back in series 3 because they can't lose weight on their own.