YMMV / Limitless


  • Ass Pull: At the end of the movie Eddie got off the drugs offscreen, but retained all the capabilities. Why? Because he came up with Phlebotinum offscreen.
    • It's possible that he hasn't retained all of his capabilities, but has managed to hold on to some of them while turning his life around unmedicated. It's also possible that he actually *was* still on NZT, and that final dialogue was really just a huge gamble to buy him time and get Van Loon off his back.
    • The alternate ending of the movie has him acting a lot more hostile and less composedly to van Loon, indicating that he is in fact lying.
    • He actually states that he realized the weaknesses of NZT, so he just made it so the effects became permanent.
    • After everything that Eddie did on NZT, it is completely believable that while on it, he identified and corrected the weakness, or even made its effects permanent.
  • Crowning Moment of Awesome: Eddie vs. the Russian Mafia thugs.
  • Escapist Character: Eddie is a failure, up until a wonder drug gives him Super Intelligence. Though he's a very intelligent failure, after all he did get Abbie Cornish.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Another secondary effect of NZT is to let the user ignore the Moral Event Horizon:
    • When Lindy takes NZT to escape from an assassin, she uses a little girl as an Improvised Weapon. When she is free of the effects, she doesn't want anything to do with NZT or Eddie.
    • Any other user hooked on NZT is willingly enough to torture or kill for another dose.
  • One-Scene Wonder: Johnny Whitworth as the delightfully sleazy Vernon Gant, the man who introduces Eddie to NZT. He is killed fifteen minutes into the movie. Also, Eddie's bodyguards who also last only two scenes.
  • Squick: Not just the aforementioned Eye Scream but what comes shortly before that, to which everyone in the audience went "Oh, EWWW!"


  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: Brian, out of concern for his audience, tries to spice up his narration so that the audience won't have to see and hear events and topics Brian is uncomfortable sharing be they boring, squick-y, nightmare-inducing, sexual, etc.. This can result in dramatic scenes cutting to things like random YouTube clips, Brian reliving a favorite childhood TV show, or the cast bursting into a Bollywood dance number (complete with Technicolor sets and costumes).
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Mike and Ike, having started off as background characters with few lines, became increasingly prominent as the first season progressed.
  • Escapist Character: Brian is along the same lines as Eddie in the film, albeit less self-centered.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Other!Finch was willing to throw Rebecca under a bus to get the NZT antidote. Showing similarities of other NZT users.
  • Narm: In the pilot, we see Eddie Morra as a fetus in his mother's womb as he explains how wonderful NZT is. Then we see the fetus explain, in Morra's voice, that his memories of being in the womb are relaxing.
  • Nightmare Fuel/Paranoia Fuel: Despite how light-hearted the show can be, it isn't afraid to get dark.
    • The second episode involves someone taking control of a car via computer chip and planting a bomb. But that's not what killed the driver. That would be the genetically engineered virus he was exposed to in his favorite coffee shop.
      • It's worse than that. Another character in the same episode is almost killed, because the woman he was having an affair with was unknowingly exposed to a virus (at the same coffee shop) which would leave her unharmed, but kill him after she, again unknowingly, transferred the virus during a hook-up.
    • In the sixth episode, Brian starts experiencing multiple side effects of the drug, including hallucinations, psychosis, and massive hearing loss and gain. The scenes are very disconcerting, especially when he begins talking to someone and sees an illusion of a bug crawling of his ear, complete with disgusting crunching noises. It only gets worse when he looks down and sees a bump moving around on his hand, with the same crunching noises, implying that he is infested with bugs.
    • After being caught by the CIA he watches three people killed before his eyes. And remember he has perfect recall, he will never forget this.
    • What happens to Casey and his team after they take a single NZT pill each. Everything seems great and then all of a sudden one of them kills another. They try to cover it up and end up completely going off the rails. This all happens in less than a day.
      • Bonus points, Casey's cold, Robocop-like demeanor when he's on the pill.
    • Eddie Morra's speech to Brian in 'The Assassination Of Eddie Morra', especially when he talks about his 'before NZT' persona in the third person and when he asks Brian 'why are you trying to cling on to who you were before?'. That makes the fact that he is shown announcing his candidacy for presidency at the end of the episode even more eerie.
  • Tear Jerker: Brian essentially becoming disowned from his family because of Poor Communication Kills.