Heartwarming / Limitless

  • Brian's father working as hard as he can to find a way out of the FBI for Brian, claiming that he's being held against his will. When Brian makes it clear that he has no ill will against the FBI, prefers working there and likes the people he's with, Mr. Finch instead goes to Naz and explains that she is legally obligated to protect his son and emphasizing that if anything happens to him she will see him in court.
  • Ike knocks Mike out of the way and takes a bullet for his partner. Brian tries to be his usual flippant self in the wake of this situation, but Mike gives him an angry speech, causing Brian to realize that he hasn't been treating his bodyguards with the proper respect and starts engaging with them as equals rather than has his buttmonkeys. Brian even addresses Ike by his real name!
    • The fact that Brian might enjoy screwing with Mike and Ike all the time. But the moment Brian found out Ike was shot, he put in all of his efforts with no screwing around into finding the culprit, which he accomplishes by the time Rebecca makes a pot of coffee. Even Rebecca is surprised by this.
  • In order to find the location of a missing mobster, Brian has to bribe a former associate of the Italian mob. What does he use? An FBI wiretap recording that includes multiple instances of the man's deceased wife singing to their son. Aww.
  • In "Fundamentals of Naked Portraiture" Mike and Ike, despite being at their wits end with Brian on their best days, they knew that there was something suspicious with the new guy Spike. When they found out that he was The Mole for ADIC Johnson they brought it straight to Naz. And even when Mike was offered another position to get him back in the field he chose to remain on Brain's detail until the position he wanted opened up.
    • During the montage, Mike mentions that Rebbecca is the only one that Brian really trusts and there isn't a hint of bitterness or negativity in his voice as if he's not taking it seriously.
  • Sands doing everything he could to save his son.
  • With Brian missing, Mike of all people turned on Brian's Christmas lights in his office, claiming that it didn't feel right without them.
  • Brian willingly helping Rebecca arrest Sands despite knowing it would stop him from getting his immunity shots, and accepting that he would be unable to continue working for the CJC with grace and poise.
  • Both a funny and a heartwarming moment. The CJC are using Brain's name for Sand's organization "The Legion of Whom".
  • Mike and Ike show genuine concern for Brian as he is no longer immune to the effects of NZT. They flat out state they are there for him and want to do what ever they can to help him.