Awesome / Limitless

  • Brian jumping in front of a moving subway and knowing (almost) the exact time it would stop so that it wouldn't hit him in the pilot.
  • Boyle's sneaking out the memo lending Brian to the CIA from under his superior's noses, utilizing one of his old contacts and sneaking it out under a tray of brownies.
  • In "Headquarters!", Brian, with the help of several agents, cleared out the FBI's 10 Most Wanted.
  • Rebecca being the one to put down Sands once and for all and not Brian. He notes that one of them is taking NZT and the other only has one bullet (that being Rebecca). She says she'll take her chances and she is able to finish things with the next shot without help or backup.
    • And just the fact that the series does its due diligence to hammer in the fact that just because some people aren't on NZT, doesn't make them any less competent compared to those who do. Rebecca, Boyle, and the whole of the CJC are always considered very intelligent and competent law enforcement and can get the job done without Brian's help if need be. Often Brian is really there to either help get a case solved much faster, or to deal with cases WAY too off the wall for people who would think normally but otherwise is just another cog rather than the only star of the team.