Awesome / Life with Derek

  • The Venturi brothers get one within five minutes of each other. First, Edwin raids the graduation ceremony, putting the principal (and everyone else with a shred of authority) on notice that they're STILL in for more Venturi hijinks - and then... Derek's appearance on stage to receive his diploma. Classic.
  • Derek telling off Casey's boyfriend Truman and her cousin Vikki after Casey sees them making out. Derek also becomes concerned and sincere towards Casey when he sees her crying. Watch here.
  • When they can't find Marti in The Movie, Felicia tries to take charge, saying Marti's her responsibility, and Derek cuts her off by saying Marti is his sister. He then asks the other three questions to figure out where she is, managing it in less than a couple of minutes, and once they do, he and Casey head out out to find her. (Doubles as heartwarming with how badly they want to find her.)