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YMMV: I Could Never Be Your Woman
  • This is either Fridge Brilliance or me being slow on the uptake. In the scene where Rosie has a viewing party, Dylan uses his phone to take a picture of Brianna's chest. This basically makes him seem like a jerk, and is used to garner sympathy for Izzie (from both her mom and the audience). However, a few days after watching the movie it occurred to me that not long before that, Izzie had told her mom that she and her friends had gotten Dylan to play Truth or Dare. It's possible Dylan had received a dare to do what he did, which Izzie probably wouldn't have heard if it happened while she was talking with her mom. Which makes sense if you consider that right as that conversation was ending, Dylan and a friend of his came up to the two of them wanting to make sure Brianna was going to be at the party. The timing of their question could indicate the dare had just been made a moment ago. I'm not sure how much any of this would mitigate Dylan's jerkdom at accepting the dare, but if he was only doing it out of a desire to play by the rules of the game Izzie herself had wanted him to play... *shrug*
    • To contrast the above example, I provide the following as an example of my definitely being slow on the uptake, and not at all as clever as a refrigerator: It was a few days after seeing the movie before it suddenly occurred to me that what Izzie and Mel said in the scene where they made a crank call to Matthew Perry was based on the theme song from his show.

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