YMMV / Haven

  • Broken Base: Charlotte, Audrey/Mara's mother, caused this with her general demeanor as well as her treatment of her daughter. She's the one who sent her fighting the troubles in Haven, as it should have provided a cure both to her daughter, who was turning into a Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds at the time, and the townspeople of Haven, whom she'd wronged. Too bad it came at the price of Mind Rape on a previously innocent woman who was severely traumatized and shortly became much worse because of it, undoing part of the good she'd meant to do. Add to that the fact that while purely well-intentionned, hard-working brave and brainy, she's also manipulative, condescending and an adept of Mercy Kill, and you have one of the most controversial characters in the series.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: In-universe. Nathan's rage against Duke (with repeated references to his inability to feel) in "Harmony" feels even angrier after he reveals in "Sins of the Fathers" that he blames Duke for the return of his Trouble.
  • He Really Can Act: Outside of a few WWE fans, no one expected Edge to take to acting the way he has.
  • HSQ: Very high, especially from season three onwards.
  • Hollywood Pudgy: A most Egregious example can be found in "Reflections", where a girl says she was teased for being fat. She's really, really not.
  • Moral Event Horizon:
    • Wade Crocker jumps into the family curse with both feet. He knifes a Troubled man to get his blood to activate the Crocker family curse, then murders Jordan whom he'd been attracted to.
    • Once William is revealed to be evil he does a lot of bad things, but the worst one has to be activating a baby's Trouble that causes people to die whenever it cries, so he could force Audrey to create a new Trouble to cancel it out.
    • Mara wastes no time proving how evil she is in season 5, murdering two people over two episodes for incredibly petty reasons.
  • Narm: The series finale. The happy endings for some characters are nice, but they do get laid on a tad thick.
  • The Woobie:
    • Nathan.
    • Will Brady in "Last Goodbyes".