YMMV / Ghosts of the Future

  • Broken Base: The retcon of Rouge passing away naturally of old age to being horrifically murdered by an evil alternate version of Tikal. Some see it as a good idea that hammers home how the "old" Sonic world is well and truly dead, while others see it as just another tragedy in a nonstop train of tragedies that only makes the Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy even more blatant. What makes this especially contentious is that Rouge's original death by natural causes was actually previously acknowledged in-story, making the retcon even more blatant.
  • Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy: Nothing has gone right for any of the good guys since day one; the comic even starts with the main heroes of the Sonic franchise dying. The sheer lengths the story goes to in order to make everyone as miserable as possible and the villains ridiculously overpowered is absurd.
    • Oh, Silver succeeded in finding the first Emerald? Now his victory is rendered moot by being Forced to Watch an alternate version of his best friend being brutally murdered after being told, in loving detail, how letting her live would subject her to a horrific Fate Worse Than Death. Then, his original version of his best friend bitterly, cruelly rejects him because she feels alienated by his constant secrecy about his adventures.
    • The Scourge arc of the comic got hit with this bad. Everything keeps getting progressively worse, and all of it in the span of a few comics that detail the same battle sequence. Silver's mother is revealed to be a badass Werehog! But then, Metal Sonic instantly one shots her with a cut to the shoulder that in any other story wouldn't be nearly as fatal as this appears to be. Blaze gains a Super Mode to battle Scourge with! She promptly gets hit by The Worf Effect. Vennie's alive after being brutally mauled! And the group managed to stop the brainwashed Shadow when Sonic possessed his body! Only now, Vennie's permanently crippled, meaning her lifelong dream to be an actress is irrevocably shattered. Then, when Vennie gets her body healed, Scourge, who we last saw being blown apart by Sonic, randomly comes back with no explanation to tear Vennie's soul back out and take her hostage, literally one comic after she got her body back.
  • Ho Yay: Some panels end up looking like this for Sonic and Shadow. Lampshaded by the author.
  • Unexpected Character: GIANT ZOMBIE SCOURGE!
  • The Woobie: Sonic, Silver, and Shadow. In the author's words, "It's a pretty well-established trend in this comic that I show my feelings of admiration through doing horrible, horrible things to the characters I like".