YMMV / Galidor

  • Cliché Storm: Just try reading the page description without groaning. This may as well be Generic Space Opera: The Series.
  • Cult Classic: It's a very short lived, esoteric show, but it does have its fans.
  • Dork Age/The Scrappy: The entire series itself for LEGO fans, even LEGO themselves. It's often considered their worst-performing toy-line, from which they've tried to distance themselves as much as possible. This is mostly because the toys required very minimal construction, and the pieces were bulky and overspecialized, mostly incompatible with "normal" LEGO parts. The theme served as a lesson for the company not to rely too much on tie-in media (like the TV show, video game and McDonald's promo), and instead focus on what they had already excelled at: making building toys.
  • No Problem with Licensed Games: The old Fox Kids website had a tie-in video game for the series that was apparently very enjoyable to play.